Researchers Create Sugar Education Initiative

As the obesity and diabetes epidemics run rampant across the United States, researchers from macros the country have been studying food eating behavior and nutritional regimes to find what could work to stem the tide. Recently, University of California San Francisco launched a new science and education initiative focused on studying and teaching about the effects of added sugars in our diets.

This program was launched after an exhaustive review of more than 8000 scientific papers was analyzed by researchers from UCSF, UC Davis and Emory University on the health effects of added sugars. Additionally, the meta-analysis showed strong ties between the overconsumption of sugars and the drastically increasing prevalence of chronic diseases.
The initiative’s goal is to take the findings from scientific journals and showcase them to the public in ways that allows individuals and communities to improve their own health outcomes. A main target of the initiative and release of this information is that added sugars could be any sugar added at the table, in cooking or in the processing of food. It’s important that whether you’re in business like Susan McGalla or busy with school that you take an effort to learn more about how much added sugar they are eating since about 74% of processed foods have sugar added under 60 different names on food labels.

Overall, the extensive network of research infrastructure from all of its medical disciplines will be utilized in the effort with members from basic science, population and policy science and translational science.