Want to Make a Friend? Skout One Out

If you’re not already familiar with ‘Skout’, make it a priority learn about and explore this exciting app. Skout is among the elite of the so-called ‘people connection’ apps, and it continues to get better with age.

Skout has been connecting people since 2007, and it definitely feels like a mature app. The design is user friendly, very intuitive, and you’ll find the pictures of potential friends remarkably appealing. Further, since anyone can sign up using Facebook, Google+, or an email address, the number of potential friends is virtually endless. Skout can be downloaded for free on any iOS compatible device

Originally, Skout created a ‘pen pal’ type of network for the digital age, allowing people to connect with others and learn about places worldwide without the cumbersome effort and time delay of actual letters. With Skout a person can step from one virtual tour with a friend at a faraway location to another halfway around the world seconds later.

In fact, the very of essence Skout encourages people to visit locations they might otherwise have only dreamed about because it creates friendships, which facilitate the trip. Those friendships don’t have to occur in advance, however, since one of the app’s greatest strengths is the spontaneity of friendship it creates. Anyone from itinerant students to active business travelers can locate new and interesting people wherever their travels might land them. Skout literally puts the user one click away from changing a potentially awkward loneliness into a thriving social experience.

So, next time your traveling, or just sitting around your house wishing you had a friend to do something with, check out Skout. Find someone with similar likes and interests, link up, and attend that ballgame, concert, comedy club, or dinner you’ve been craving. None of us are alone in this socially-connected universe, and thanks to Skout it’s easier than ever to expand our friendship networks around the world. Take advantage of what this app offers and sign up today. You won’t regret it.


BMG Bank Is Brazil’s Biggest And Best

Every country has a bank that helps to establish the economic system and is one that the people trust for all their lending needs. In Brazil, that bank is BMG. The Guimarães family is the founders of the BMG Bank. They have more than eighty years of honorable reputation in the financial markets of this country. They have an aptitude for finding solid solutions for individuals and companies alike. The Vice President of this bank is Marcio Alaor. He has helped the bank and the people of the area to head into uncharted waters that have yielded big returns. BMG offers things like credit cards, payrolls and financing for homes and autos. Part of the company has payroll loans that have helped them to increase their capital stock by more than 40 percent. This new alliance proved to be a worthy decision on the bank’s part.

The history of this family and the bank goes way back. They are a Brazilian entity that is known and trusted throughout the area. Their sales and strength have not gone unnoticed in the area. Their brand is one of excellence and their time-honored traditions allow them to be a driving force for the country. While they maintain the traditions of yesteryear, they also have the ability to keep up with the many movements in the market of today. Their success is being directed toward one man, Marcio Alaor. This bank also has many people in high levels of the Brazilian government sitting on their board.

Sitting on the board of directors is mostly people independent of the banking institution. They have an enforced code of ethics that allows them to assist with their anti-money laundering programs. BMG has worked with those who have extraordinary credit profiles; this is because of their credit policy that is time honored. Until the mid-1990’s, this bank was a wholesale establishment that found themselves as a market leader for financing in the automobile industry. From their inception until around 1998, they focus the majority of their revenues on payroll loans and various other types of loans.

In 2012, the company once again took another change. They signed an agreement with a company known as with Itaú Unibanco S.A. The purpose of this union was to bring together two separate companies and have them unite forces to bring those who perhaps didn’t have the credit they needed to get payroll loans. BMG currently has about 40 percent of all the stock and the rights to vote, while the other party holds shares of 60 percent. The bank is being led into new and exciting places thanks to the Vice President. The future looks bright and things couldn’t be better.


Beneful: Healthy and Tasty

With the number of dog food brands out there, it can be hard to decide on the right one for your dog. This search becomes especially hard when you are looking for something with the taste and variety your dog will love, but that will also keep it healthy by providing it with all the nutrients it needs. Beneful’s commitment to quality makes it a great and safe choice, both for your dog’s happiness and health.

Beneful takes pride in providing your dog with food that has a complete and balanced nutrition. That means that when you give your dog the Beneful dog food that is recommended for its specific life stage, you can rest assured that your dog will be getting all of the protein and essential nutrients it needs. Additionally, all Beneful dog food includes antioxidants and omega rich ingredients.

The quality and safety of their dog food is of top priority at Beneful, and they take all of the precautions and measurements on amazon.com necessary to ensure this. As part of its commitment to quality, Beneful’s food is made only with ingredients healthy for your dog, which include vitamin rich veggies and real meats. They also have rigid standards for their ingredient specifications, product safety and sanitation, which all of their ingredient are required to meet. Beneful is subject to FDA and USDA regulations as well as state laws. With Beneful, you can rest assured that your dog is eating the highest quality dog food.

Because a variety in food is important to keeping your dog happy, Beneful offers a variety of dog food options, which include dry dog food, wet dog food and dog snacks. All three options are made with wholesome ingredients and delicious flavors that will give your dog the nutrition it needs.

Beneful dry dog food and wet dog food protein options that you can choose from include beef, chicken, lamb and pork. Carrots, barley, rice and green beans are what Beneful uses to provide an additional touch of flavor in your dog’s food. In addition to being able to choose between wet and dry dog food, there are also texture variations for you to consider, from thinly diced to big hearty chunks.

You can’t keep a dog happy without treats, and Beneful knows that. Beneful brand dog snacks are oven baked treats that your dog will surely love, as they are available in all of their favorite flavors: bacon, cheese, beef and peanut butter. To mix things up for your friend, Beneful brand dog snacks are also available in different textures, which are shortbread cookie dog snacks and crispy airy crackers.

Ninety-five percent of people who have purchased Beneful for their dogs recommend it. With close to two thousand reviews on their website alone, Beneful has earned an average rating of 4.7 stars. In addition to the positive reviews, Beneful has also established a one hundred percent satisfaction guarantee as part of its commitment to providing only the highest quality dog food out there.


George Soros: Lobbying for the True Democratic Process in the United States and Shared Political Asylum Responsibilities in the European Union

Billionaire philanthropist George Soros has been fighting the good fight for well over a decade concerning human and civil rights. His involvement with political fairness in the United States dates back to 2004 when he attempted to thwart the GOP’s efforts to reelect George W Bush via voting rights discrepancies in vulnerable areas, but also dispelling the myth of widespread voter fraud, which has been one of many Republican Party ploys to fulfill their misguided and nonsensical agendas. Although Soros’ efforts fell short in 2004, his continued contributions in the upcoming 2016 general election may stem the tide of voting rights inequities bestowed upon lower socioeconomic regions. With right-wing partisan politics on Washington Times playing an integral role in the restriction of voting rights statutes for the disadvantaged since 2010, Soros is purportedly willing to donate $5 million to allies of presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in hopes of leveling the playing field, so to speak. The primary objective here is to change the voting rules in states where Republican governors and congressional representatives have attempted to swing the pendulum in their favor by denying access or making it extremely difficult for these American citizens to cast their votes. As a result, a number of law suits have been filed to change these laws in Ohio, Wisconsin, North Carolina, and Texas, totaling 79 electoral votes. Plus, any newfangled laws regarding voter requirements will also be litigated against, and Mr. Soros sad that he’s proud to be a part of the efforts to establish fair voting rights for all. One of George Soros most far-reaching investments is the Open Society Foundation. While the 2016 Presidential Election is proving to be unequivocally pivotal in the west, the European Union is currently dealing with dire circumstances regarding hordes of Syrian refugees. A multi-tiered plan has been laid out by Soros to mitigate the chaos, which entails an across-the-board and comprehensive asylum strategy. Mr. Soros is urging EU members and beyond to equally share in the responsibilities of aiding a million refugees over the next two years with food, shelter, education, health care, and a course of action to move forward. The cost: 15,000 Euros per person, meaning that each EU member must share the incurred costs equally. The EU must also appropriate funding to non-affiliated nations such as Jordan, Lebanon, and Turkey—where approximately 4 million refugees are currently residing. As it stands, the monetary situation falls short of the estimated 10 billion Euros needed, yet the money is gradually filtering through. Mr. Soros has also requested a uniform asylum agency to replace the current system, which is being deemed overly departmentalized, costly, and ineffective. The new arrangement would include one overarching agency in order to avoid inaccuracies and confusion during the process. Safe passage is also a major concern; Soros is proposing a channeling system from Greece and Italy to transport fleeing refugees to various destinations in the region, which will require cooperation from a number of neighboring nations. Soros is also urging a number of non-governmental entities to actively participate in the reparations process, which includes businesses and humanitarian relief agencies coming forward to contribute in any way they can. Although these concentrated efforts may take some time, the idea of collectively sharing in the responsibilities seems more than attainable. On both fronts, George Soros is using his moxie and his money to provide a better way of life for those who are in desperate need of getting a fair shake.


How the 990 Company is Changing Home Selling Fees

Many people wonder how the 990 Company has had such great success with selling real estate. While most people will go through an agent to purchase their home they are often skeptical because they fell that they agent is earning too much of a commission and that they as a buyer are missing money because of it. With the 990 Company, this works completely different. Rather than the agent hosting the listing, the seller hosts the listing through the buyer for flat commission fee of just $990. With this type of listing service option, sellers are still able to sell their home and not miss the normal full commission rate that agents normally receive. The catch is that the seller has to procure their own buyer and they must not already be working with their own agent. In addition, agents are still receiving their commission on the sale.
Rather than the listing agent hosting the open house, the seller hosts the open house for them. If a potential buyer becomes interested in their property, the seller simply refers the potential buyer to the listing agent, as long as the potential buyer is not already working with their own real estate agent. Agents will receive their full commission rate on open houses that they host on their own, yard signs and with any potential buyers who do not come to them through a seller’s referral. Either way the houses still sell and the agent still is paid. It is a winning situation for all of those who are involved.

Gregory D. Hague is the Founder and CEO of the 990 Company. He founded the 990 Company on the pretense of helping sellers and agents alike. He felt that agents would be able to connect with new potential buyers who were not working with an agent by having the seller act as the liaison. Hague received his Bachelor of Science degree in 1971 from Miami University. He obtained his first real estate license at the young age of just 18 years old. He later pursued a law degree and received his Juris Doctor from American University Washington College of Law. He obtained his license to practice law in 1974.

Gregory Hague began his career in real estate by working at his family’s real estate firm, Hague Realty, which is one of the largest brokerage firms in the Cincinnati area. In 1988, Hague founded the WHY USA, Inc. which was based on the exact same precept as the 990 Company. Sellers could sell their homes for a set fee of just $990. This helped Hague to gain most of his financial wealth, even though he set out to initially only practice law. Gregory Hague is also the CEO of Harvey Mackay University.


Doe Deere Inspires All

There are a lot of makeup companies out there. It seems that every time you go to the drug store, you are surrounded by hundreds of different brands! It can be overwhelming to choose because they all look similar and claim to do the same thing but how can you tell which one is truly the best? Unfortunately, all of these brands are created equally. They aren’t created equally good. They are cheap and mass produced just to make a product. Those companies don’t care about an individual, they just care about churning out a product. That’s not the case with Lime Crime.

Lime Crime is a makeup company that has high-quality and long lasting products. These products were created by someone who truly has a passion for makeup and the people who wear it. I’m talking about Doe Deere. Deere is a magical woman who has all eyes on her when she goes out in public. That’s because her makeup is always on point. She has such flawless skin and it’s always perfectly accentuated with her makeup. She’s become a pro at rocking the bright colored hair, nails, and lips. She knows how to apply her makeup flawlessly and that’s thanks in part to the company that she created.

Deere created Lime Crime because she wants everyone to have a chance to truly express themselves. Deere views makeup as an art form. That’s why she has such unique colors because she realizes that just like an artist, lots of colors are needed to create a master piece. Deere does not discriminate when it comes to makeup. She wants everyone to feel confident in their skin. That’s why she’s created this line for men and women with all different types of skin.

One of the best attributes of Deere is that she doesn’t let other peoples opinions get to her. She knows how to create a successful business and not let the haters get her down. Deere has also remained humble through her success. She helps others by giving them advice for starting up their own business. Deere is a unique individual who has created makeup for unicorns. She understands that everyone just wants to feel beautiful.

Deere didn’t set out to be a pioneer in the makeup industry but there are so many people out there who are grateful that she took that course in life. Deere has given so many people the confidence to create a unique look. She has encouraged others that it’s okay to step outside of the box and look different.


Hedge Fund King Ken Griffin

Ken Griffin has weathered stormy economic times since founding Chicago-based hedge fund giant Citadel LLC in 1990. Griffin, who turned 47 this month, has a net worth of $5.5 billion dollars, making him the 84th richest person in America according to Forbes magazine. His hedge fund career started in his dorm room when he was a sophomore at Harvard University. He founded Citadel the next year, and within eight years Citadel boasted over 100 employees and over $1 billion in investment capital. Following the 2008 economic crisis, while other hedge funds folded, Citadel has continued to thrive and grow under Griffin’s careful guidance. Since the beginning of 2014, Citadel’s assets under management grew $10 billion to a total of $26 billion. Griffin also recently snagged one of the most prized economic minds of the age: Ben Bernanke, former chairman of the Federal Reserve.

Griffin is not all business, however. He is one-year in to a five-year appointment to the University of Chicago’s Board of Trustees. He is also on the Board of Trustees for the Art Institute of Chicago, the Museum of Contemporary Art, and the Whitney Museum of American Art. Given his service on these boards, it should come as no surprise that Griffin is an avid art enthusiast and collector. In 1999, he paid $60 million for Paul Cézanne’s painting Curtain, Jug and Fruit Bowl. In October 2006, he paid Dreamworks co-found David Geffen $80 million for Jasper John’s painting False Start. He also donated a Renzo Piano-designed addition to the Art Institute of Chicago worth $19 million.

Art is not the only area in which Griffin’s philanthropic interests lie. A strong supporter of charter schools, Griffin teamed with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in October of 2006 to fund and support the opening of Woodlawn High School, a charter school in Chicago. Via the Citadel Group Foundation, Griffin has contributed to numerous other institutions and organizations, including the Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago, the Chicago Public Library, and the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. He has also contributed to the Robin Hood Foundation, an organization dedicated to fighting poverty in New York City. In February 2014, Griffin gave $150 million to his alma mater, Harvard University, primary for use toward need-based undergraduate financial aid.

Finally, Griffin is not without a sense of fun. He came to the office Halloween party last year dressed as the Lorax. With Citadel performing exceptionally well and Griffin’s personal fortunes on the rise, a fitting costume this year would be a gold trophy, because all Ken Griffin does these days is win.


Kenneth’s. Griffin’s Road to Success in Hedge Fund Investment

Ken Griffin is a renowned and successful hedge fund manager. Born on October 15, 1968 in Florida, Griffin made his first investment while still a freshman at Harvard University. He began his first hedge fund business during his second year in university. He gathered $265,000 worth of capital for the hedge fund from his family and friends. While in campus, Griffin came up with a brilliant idea of staying on top of the current market news. He used a satellite link in his dorm for gathering real time data on the state of the markets. This strategy on insidermoonkey.com came in handy during the 1987 stock market crash. Griffin’s success in the hedge fund led him to invest in another fund. In 1989, he graduated from Harvard University with an economics degree.


Griffin founded his first company, Citadel, in 1990. By 1998, the company had grown and had a staff of over 100 employees and had gathered an investment capital of $ 1 billion. In June, 2002, Griffin was among the people listed on the Global 100 list of CFO magazine. The Global 100 is a ranking of the most influential individuals in the finance industry.

With less than twenty years in the finances industry, Forbes has listed Griffins a couple of times in its Forbes 400 rankings. He first appeared in the Forbes 400 list in 2003 when he had a $650 million net worth. He was 34 years at this time and the youngest individual on Forbes 400. The following year, Forbes ranked him 8th in the list of America’s richest men below the age of forty. In 2006, Griffins was among the seven members who were below the age of 40 years on Forbes 400 list. In 2007, he had a $ 3 billion net worth and by 2014, his net worth was $5.5 billion.

Citadel was listed by Great Places to Work Institute as one of the top 10 best workplaces for financial services. Griffin has a reputation of instilling the discipline of team work and offering benefits to employees such as museum tours, free lunch, work out programs and gifts. Griffin featured in the Milken Institute Global Conference (2015), where he spoke of the achievements of Citadel, corporate activism and how to build organizations by having a competent workforce.

Board Memberships

Griffin is a member of the Capital Markets Regulation Committee. He is also part of the G100, a group of 100 chief executive officers that convenes meetings periodically to focus on global economical issues. In 2014, the board of trustees of the University of Chicago elected Griffin into the board. Griffin is also a trustee in Chicago’s art institute and the contemporary art museum. He is also the vice chairman of Chicago’s Public Education Fund.


Griffin has given alms worth $500 million for different causes. Griffin has made contributions to Chicago’s Art Institute, Chicago’s Children’s Memorial Hospital and Chicago’s Public library. In Feb 2014, he contributed $ 150 million to Harvard University to help students who were in need of funds for undergraduate studies. In 2015, Griffin contributed $10 million to Chicago’s Museum of Contemporary Art.


What You Need To Understand About Adopting Modern Technology for Business

Many people have been searching for the ultimate secret to running a successful business. This is something that cannot be tied down to one factor. Managing a business entails more than just having the right policies. Technology has changed the way people conduct different processes and this is one of the key areas that cannot be overlooked when talking about strategies that can help to make a business more stable and competitive. The use of technology for business has been revealed in many projects that have demanded for efficiency. Without the right technology, it is difficult to achieve certain goals. Therefore, one needs to adopt the right kind of technology that can help to make business easier.

One of the roles technology has played in business is to offer easy avenues for the execution of different tasks. Duties that could take hours are now easily executed within few minutes. Technology has also increased efficiency, not forgetting it has reduced the overall expenses one is supposed to incur to get a business running. With the right infrastructure, one is able to reach different customers and to offer the right information about a product or services. This is unlike expensive options that may not even offer the right solution to the success of a business.

It is also vital to note that technology has allowed for the automation of marketing services. It is now easier to reach the market with the use of different technological features. There are software that are useful to the creation of a secure system and they also help to make online marketing easier. It is a fact that the modern customer will prefer to source for information from online sources. Therefore, businesses that only rely on off-line marketing are bound to face challenges getting the right customers.

When developing a technology for business, it is necessary to involve a well experienced professional, who is able to offer information that can help to transform the way business activities are implemented. Shaygan Kheradpir is a business expert who has invested mostly in technology. He is a well educated professional with a clear background on electrical engineering. His effort towards the development of unique software that is relevant for business success has been noted in many companies he has worked with. Shaygan Kheradpir offered different solutions to the GTE Corporation and his input has been effective in allowing businesses to achieve their goals. Shaygan Kheradpir has been a reliable professional, who has proved reliable and capable of offering the right information for business stability.

Security is something that cannot be left aside when talking about technology for business. Many people have been losing critical information for business and this is something that has been attributed to weak systems that allow for invasion by unauthorized parties. With the right technology, a business is able to receive the best encryption services to ensure no losses may occur while executing roles. Use of technology for security also offers one information about areas that are prone to invasion


The Ups to Dating in Russia through Anastasia Date

Russia and the Ukraine have completely revamped their online dating with the introduction of a highly efficient online broker called Anastasia Date. One of the healthiest forms to communicate across borders into a country with historically questionable morals, Anastasia Date has now completely changed the Russian Mail order bride reputation. Before you can even get online to start chatting it up with future prospects, you must display a complete background history of all the states you have lived in and provide your complete criminal history. These changes are mostly due to the International Marriage Broker Regulation Act (IMBRA) imposed back in 2006.
The imposed background checks are to protect women from potentially dangerous relationships after getting married. Once married, the couple are required to stay together for at least 2 years, or the marriage is declared a fraud.
All communication to women through Anastasia Date is required to remain through the site in order to regulate that no violence or inappropriate acts are taking place between both parties. Women are encouraged to meet men and men are charged regular fees for communicating through the site.
Once affiliated with the services of Anastasia Date, you are eligible to participate in a “Romance Tour” which are 3 Social Events based out of Kiev, Ukraine. This is where many women come together to present themselves to you, the desired bachelor. Think of your very own “The Bachelor” episode straight out of Kiev. You are the center of attention as hundreds of women parade out in bikini’s and perform their very own private beauty pageant for you.
In addition to Anastasia Date, there are other services that offer comprehensive “Executive Plans” that include a personal consultant, personality tests, and full page advertisements that are to be handed out at socials.
Once engaged to the dating culture between Russia and the US there are obvious holes in the communication process. But not to be worried, interpreters are given to each conversation. All ends are covered in an effort to make the experience as authentic and enjoyable as possible.