Brian Torchin Helps People Find Their Positions

One thing that has changed in the past ten years because of the economy is that education does not make it any more likely for people to get a job in the field they were studying for. Often times, the jobs are filled. As a result, people are pretty much stuck with either having to find a minimum wage job, or go without work. This is even true in the health care field.

A lot of people are stuck in a bad position even though they have gotten their education in their healthcare major. There are quite a few reasons that people are still left without a job even though they have their degree.

Brian Torchin knows one of the reasons that finding a job in the health care market is exceedingly difficult for people. One of the reasons is that many employers are looking to staffing agencies for their employees. As a result, a lot of people that aren’t signed up with staffing agencies often find themselves at a loss.

Brian Torchin offers this kind of help with HCRC Staffing. He not only connects employees with the jobs that are well matched to them, but he also takes the time to talk with employers and the potential employees in order to help them find their match.

Behance said that Brian Torchin often takes the time to help the employee with the resume so that he could be able to impress the employer. However, when people sign up with a staffing agency. they are more likely to be able to find work in the health care industry because Brian Torchin is also a career counselor.

He makes sure that each person that is signed up is able to find an occupation that is best matched with them. This is what makes Brian Torchin one of the more trustworthy individuals in the field of healthcare.


The Revolution in Luxury Home Buying in New York


Many years ago, the massive, luxury homes were being purchased only by middle-aged to elderly senior citizens who were at the tail end of their career. Purchasing a home packed with amenities, this was almost their own personal gift. This was a way of saying they had made it. This home would impress anyone and everyone for miles around, sending a powerful message that communicated their success.


While this still happens, these individuals now share this market with another group; the young professionals. These individuals are technology geeks yet keenly aware of the power of the real estate market. They are skipping the so called “starter home” and jumping right to a luxury home that allows the convenience of comfort and includes everything for their lifestyle. The most important factor in their home buying is the real estate classic: location. Furthermore, these homes are customized to their wants and desires.


Sometimes they add a small kitchen off of their bedroom to shorten their walk for the morning coffee. Sometimes they include a rooftop terrace perfect for entertaining guests. Sometimes they include a built-in wine cooler to preserve their large collection. Ultimately, both elderly CEOs and young professionals are looking for perfect homes or NYC apartments for sale.

TOWN Residential is at the forefront of this revolution. Located in the toughest real estate market in the world, New York City, in only five years TOWN Residential has managed to corner the market and represent the best in real estate. Professionals in both the residential search for apartments on sale in New York and commercial real estate market, including marketing and leasing, everyone looks to TOWN Residential for their next home or office. TOWN hires only the most qualified individuals for their company to ensure they have the perfect combination of young ideas and experienced, veteran leadership.


With an impressive track record of happy and satisfied customers and clients living in both houses and NYC apartments for sale it is not wonder TOWN Residential is a cornerstone of the market. As the real estate climate continues to change an evolve, it takes an experienced and successful group to change along with it. TOWN represents the best that the real estate market has to offer. For those looking for NYC apartments for sale this company cannot be topped.


Bad Investing 101 With Laidlaw

Not long ago, a federal judge ordered Laidlaw and its executives Matthew Eitner and James Ahern to stop all activities against their client Relmada. The company had done many things that are unethical against their client. They disseminated false information and overcharged on fees. What is worst about this situation is that Laidlaw is supposed to be Relmada’s financial advisor. They had a duty to provide them with the best advice possible and help them navigate the stormy waters of the financial world. They were also paid handsomely in the millions of dollars to do so. Sadly we live in a world where most financial advice is predatory.

Those who give financial advice usually have their own interests at heart and don’t care about the well being of those they are advising. This is because of the pressure for them to make money. The adviser makes money whether or not the client actually succeeds so the more services they can get clients like Relmada to partake the better for them. Companies like Laidlaw are engaged in the unscrupulous practice of giving advice they know is wrong just to earn more for themselves.

Unfortunately, this is a widespread practice in the industry. Even newspapers are involved in it to some degree. The Canadian newspaper, The Globe and Mail, prides itself on being the oldest and most reputable in Canada. It has been around for 172 years so it possesses gravitas amongst the Canadian people. There are some good financial advisers who write columns but there are also those who give bad advice intentionally. One adviser named Paul Harris regularly writes articles such as “3 Top Stock Picks” which he knows are full of garbage. Paul is giving industry specific stocks picks when he does not have the expertise needed to make those recommendations.


WEN By Chaz Creates Bigger Bouncier Volume For Fine-Haired Blogger

WEN hair by Chaz has been around for quite some time now as the no lather shampoo alternative. Beauty blogger Emily McClure was curious about the famous brand and decided to give it a whirl for seven days. She was hoping the unique formula would add some major oomph to her limp, boring, shoulder length hair.

Emily kept a hair diary and posted her results to Bustle.com. She even snapped hair selfies to chart her progress.

WEN by Chaz was developed by the Hollywood star stylist Chaz Dean. He lives an holistic lifestyle and designed his special cleansing conditioners with that healthy approach in mind. His formulas do not feature harmful detergents that are found in regular hair care products. Instead, pure, plant-based ingredients play the major role in his no lather shampoos, imparting shine, strength and volume to hair of any type.

Chaz Dean believes so strongly in WEN by Chaz, that he has not used a lather shampoo on himself nor his clients for more than 20 years now. That alone, speaks volumes about the brand. Wen hair products are available online via eBay.

Emily learned some simple tips to achieving a beautiful crowning glory with WEN by Chaz and shares them here:

  1. Let your hair adapt to its new no lather shampoo routine. Emily found that shampooing daily in the mornings worked best for her, as long as she kept to this schedule.
  1. WEN by Chaz isn’t for lazy chicks. In other words, time and effort are key to creating a long-lasting hair style. Always blow-dry, and use your favorite styling tools for optimum results.
  1. A no suds shampoo is very different from store bought lathers. Use a lot of product for your hair length, and massage the product into the scalp and hair.

That’s it; now enjoy your shiny Hollywood hair. For more info, visit wenhaircare.com. Follow WEN hair: https://twitter.com/wenhaircare



Multi-Million Dollar Donation to #BlackLivesMatter From George Soros is Only a Rumor

Reports of George Soros giving the protest group Black Lives Matter $33 million is only a rumor. In an article written by Ben Collins that was published in The Daily Beast, he describes how the alleged $33 million donation went from a rumor by conspiracy theorist to mainstream media news. George Soros’ Open Society Foundations donates money to numerous social justice and community activist groups. It is alleged that one of these groups that OSF gave money two involved three women who co-founded Black Lives Matter. Ken Zimmerman, a top executive with OSF, said the donation never happened and doesn’t know how this rumor started.

The origins of OSF began 1979 when George Soros decided to use the wealth he had accumulated as a hedge fund manager to help people around the world who were living and suffering under authoritarian dictatorships. George Soros goal was to establish open societies to improve an imperfect world by providing people with information and financial assistance that their governments were withholding from them. He also looked to train a new generation of political and economic leaders through educational programs that promote democracy and a free flow of information. Many of OSF’s campaigns include holding government officials accountable for human rights abuses, monitoring government exploitation of natural resources, and advocating for freedom of information laws.

In the U.S., OSF is known for making political contributions to democratic party politicians and providing funds to various groups who fight for social justice, drug policy reform, immigration, and criminal justice reform at http://foreignpolicy.com/author/george-soros/. In The Daily Beast article, Zimmerman said OSF has made contributions to groups and causes who advocate for issues related to the Black Lives Matter movement, but OSF would never contribute to Black Lives Matter or any other group that lacks any structure or leadership.

Currently, OSF works with other foundations, human rights, educational organization and social justice groups in over 100 countries.

Learn more:
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JustFab Was a Huge Success for Don Ressler

There are many different clothing stores that are available online. Many people wonder why some of these stores are successful and others fail. Don Ressler is an entrepreneur who seems to have all of the answers when it comes to creating online businesses that consumers want to buy products from. He has had many very profitable startup companies in the past. One of the biggest successes of his entire career is an online clothing retailer by the name of JustFab. Don Ressler has not been shy about revealing the details about how JustFab was able to crush all of the competition in a very short period of time.

Don Ressler believes that the first thing that drew consumers to JustFab was the selection. He has said that you will not have people checking out your online business unless your site is appearing in google search results for various clothing items they want to buy. Ressler knew from the very beginning that inventory would be vitally important. He told his investors that he needed to have enough startup capital so he could have a wide variety of clothing to attract the most customers. He also wanted to be certain that he would not run out of the most popular brands and styles. He knew that people would shop at a different store if his inventory ran out. Customers would not have the patience to wait for the item to arrive on back order. This foresight on the part of Don Ressler played a huge role in JustFab becoming profitable in a short period of time.

Another detail that Don Ressler frequently attributes to why JustFab caught on to quickly is the amount of money he spent on marketing. He has said that the greatest online business in the world will fail if nobody is aware that it exists. Therefore, he invested a large amount of money promoting JustFab on many of the other sites that he owns. He also bought advertising on blogs and YouTube channels that had to do with clothing. This ensured that his ads were going to reach the audience they were intended for. All of the promotion paid off in a big way. Sales at JustFab were very big right out of the gate. Getting the word out about the clothing they had in stock was critical when it came to attracting people to the site. Ressler has used the same approach with other sites. Source: http://www.latimes.com/fashion/alltherage/la-ar-justfab-wants-to-be-the-next-hm-20150402-story.html


Why Did I Invest With Laidlaw & Company?

This might sound too simple, but I invested at Laidlaw & Company because it sounded like a nice place to be. I had not heard of them until I started working with them to first time, but them they became the most helpful place to go because they showed me kindness and were very helpful. I talked to James Ahern and Matthew Eitner first, and then I was able to learn what they thought would be a good start for me. I knew that I had to start investing small, and they picked out a broker for me who works with novices all the time.

The brokers that I talked to were all very nice, and they all helped me understand that starting small actually helps you make more money faster. The plan was to keep diversifying until I was making more money, and I have noticed that I am already making a lot more money than I would have been otherwise. I just think that it is very easy for people like me to invest well when I working with Laidlaw, and they make it very simple.

I am allowed to call my broker for help at any time, and I have learned that it is very easy for me to get better results when I am planning the right way to do things. I get a chance to talk to my broker any time, and then he will explain to me what the next step is. The next thing that I get to do is plan how I am going to pull my money out to use it for certain purposes around the house. I have felt very good about this because it has been so simple, and Laidlaw & Company has proven to be the nicest place for me to be.


Flavor Revolution

Most of us grew up choosing from the traditional trifecta of lip balm flavors—plain, cherry, or mint—whenever our lips needed soothing. As time went on, we sometimes came across strawberry, tropical, or herbal flavors, if we were lucky. But although classic lip balm brands like Chapstick and Blistex have steadily evolved their flavor choices over the years, their selections still don’t come close to the diverse flavors offered by Evolution of Smooth.

When the use of Evolution of Smooth lip balms became widespread in the 2010s, it started a flavor revolution within the lip balm industry. Evolution of Smooth, or EOS, lip balms come in what is arguably the best variety of flavors on the market. This is a big part of what makes Evolution of Smooth lip balm a favorite of fans across the globe. Finding a delectable flavor of EOS lip balm is never a problem, but narrowing it down to just one definitely is.

The original Evolution of Smooth lip balm line-up includes such unique flavors as Blueberry Acai, Honeysuckle Honeydew, Passion Fruit, and Lemon Drop, the last of which also features SPF 15 protection. In addition to its regular varieties, EOS also offers the specialty lip balm lines Visibly Soft Smooth Spheres and Organic Smooth Sticks. According to Racked.com, Smooth Spheres are available in Coconut Milk, Blackberry Nectar, and Vanilla Mint, while the Sticks come in Pomegranate Raspberry, Sweet Mint, and Vanilla Bean, respectively.
Evolution of Smooth products are the perfect choice for those looking to combine the soothing properties of lip balm with unique, great-tasting flavor. While other lip balms also do their jobs well, the exciting flavors offered by Evolution of Smooth are enough to tip the scales in their favor when choosing a tasty lip balm. For more info, visit their Linked In profile.

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Securus Has Made Private Video Calls A Reality In Our Family

I know that a lot of people will not believe that they can make a private video call to a jail because it is a jail. There is something about a jail that makes you think you will never get a call in to the jail, but Securus is a company that makes video calls into jails all the time. They put in the cameras, and they made an app that makes all the calls secure. We have to talk about private family business, but we can on a video on my tablet and the Securus app.

The app is really easy for me to use, and I got into it in a couple seconds. I got my account, and I made the first call to the cousin that we all wanted to check on. It was not like we could just drive up to the jail, but we could make this call so it was like we were there. It was as good as it was going to get, and we had to be private because we have family issues with another guy who is in the same prison.

The family issues go pretty deep, and we do not want to see my cousin get hurt in prison just because we were talking in a place where people would hear what we were saying. I would not be able to live with myself if I did something that got him hurt, and that is why I went with Securus. They are the company that has been able to keep wraps on all their calls, and I know our business won’t get out there.

I made just a couple calls with Securus already, but they are working. We can see everything, and we can talk in private like a normal family.

Securus Video Visitation Overview Video from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.


Lovaganza: Loving your world and all cultures

Lovaganza is a series of events promoting peace and unity. One event took place the week of September 14th, 2015. There were shows exhibitions and other events. They held hands across the world, held unity speeches, 24 hour parties and masquerade balls. These took place in more than fifty cities across the world. The goal was for people to unite worldwide for the same cause, a future filled with peace, hope and unity. A Current schedule for the week of Lovaganza for upcoming years has not been released but is planned through 2020.

What is Lovaganza? Lovaganza’s convertible Caravans, Immerscope Cinema Pavilions and attraction Carousels has a new immersion type of entertainment. They are a traveling show. They want to take the consumer to a whole new level. The goal is to allow everyone of all nations to experience groundbreaking immersive entertainment. One of their shows is called “A Walk Around the World”. This is a new way to see cinema from animated matinee series and also using epic motion pictures. Lovaganza are hoping this will allow the audience to discover their neighbors from all regions of the world. They will use Immerscope Technology and Attraction Carousels.

The first immersive traveling cinema pavilion will present in May 2017. Audiences will watch a 3D movie on a screen that wrap around the room. They will watch the 3D movie without glasses.
This will be possible by using Immersion scope a new 3D technology.

Then in 2018 there will be full motion picture, The Lovaganza Convoy: Part I: follow your dream. This will also use the Immersion scope technology. The trailer is available on YouTube and other internet sources. It seems to hint that the secret to Humanity is revealed.

The Attraction Carousels, “A Walk around the World” will be ready in 2018 by Lovaganza. It will be in eight different regions of the world. They goal is for people to learn more about each continent. As people enter the Carousel, they will literally walk through all the regions of the world in a circular pavilion. While walking they will experience 3D and Holographic sensory technology

Learn more about Lovaganza: