Innovation in Premium Dog Food Lead to Increase

Beneful and Experience

Beneful dog food is a brand on Amazon with experience. This is a company that has always remained up-to-date in their products. Beneful is known for providing premium dog food with innovation. Healthy meals have come from the company that has solid experience. Innovation and premium dog food equals Beneful.

The Pet-Food Industry Experiences Surge in Sales

The dailyherald.com had reported on the surge in dog food sales. The healthy food innovations have sparked the spike in sales. These innovations include:

* fresh cooked meats

* the mixing of other meat products

* added nutrients

* tasty variety

Blending Lamb and Salmon for Extra Flavor

Your dog will be delighted when they taste the added blend and delicious flavors in their meals. A blend of lamb and salmon will leave any dog believing that they are dining in a royal style. The innovation in the dog food industry include the addition of organic grain-free food. Improvements are on the overall rise in this entire industry. Healthy fresh ingredients have led to the surge in sales. Satisfied pet owners pleased with the innovations.

Winning the Hearts of Pet Owners

Dog and cat owners everywhere are more that willing to pay for the added innovations. They are now the owners of healthy and happy pets. The added nutrients are leaving their dogs with a higher energy level, a longer quality of life, and satisfaction in every meal. The overall pet industry has noticed the need for innovation in their production. This industry has ensured that the finest ingredients are in their food products. The industry has reaped the benefits of high sales. Every dog deserves a satisfying, nutritious, and tasty meal.

Healthy and Tasty Treats From Beneful

Beneful has ensured that every dog has healthy and tasty treats available. This is a company that will go the extra mile to keep every pet happy and in good health. They have always offered a large variety of dog food products that lead to a longer and healthier life for your dog. They provide a large variety of tasty treats that are also healthy. These treats provide your dog with a higher energy level, fresher breath, stronger teeth, and they add much flavor to your dog’s diet.



A Few Points About Wikipedia Page Creation for Businesses

Wikipedia writing should never be ignored by anyone hoping to draw as many eyes as possible towards a business. While there are scores of costly advertising strategies capable of delivering results, no one should ignore free options. The no-cost, open-source community of Wikipedia provides huge value to any and all businesses.

Not everyone thinks about Wikipedia in marketing terms. On the surface, publishing factual data about a business seems like a curious way to promote a commercial enterprise. There really is nothing quizzical about this strategy. People do love to read a good biography. If the Wikipedia entry about a business tells a great tale, then the entry is going to present solid value as a promotional tool.

Bear one thing in mind, when you make a Wikipedia page it cannot directly promote a business. Publishing a press release or any public relations-type material won’t work at all. The content would be removed. Writing about how the business was founded, what its principle focus is, the major achievements, and any honors bestowed upon the company are all find. As long as the facts are presented in a direct manner, the page won’t violate the rules of Wikipedia.

Violating the rules positively must be avoided by anyone creating the page. Mistakes when it comes to the rules can lead to the page being drastically re-written by an editor who is part of the community. The end result might not be all that pleasing to the business member hoping to reap the rewards of a solid Wikipedia page.

Once the actual page is created, it can do wonders for branding a particular business. The information presented on the page is relayed to the reader who then gains a particular perception based on what was absorbed. Even when a direct sales pitch is not made, the material could still do a great job of drawing in customers. Going from the Wikipedia page to one that does actual promote the business is not all that difficult.

Contracting the best Wikipedia writers for hire to handle the job is a must. Get Your Wiki is a company that retains the services of the skilled writers and editors who know exactly what is necessary to produce a solid Wikipedia page. Get Your Wiki ensures the finished page is impressive and maintains strict adherence to Wikipedia terms of service. Get a free quote for your page within 24 hours of contacting these professionals here: http://www.getyourwiki.com/

Once completed, the page will be a perfect online promotional tool for the business.


George Soros, Star Wars And The Collapse Of The European Union

George Soros, the billionaire hedge fund manager, sounds as if he’s talking about Star Wars in his most recent CNBC interview about what he sees as the collapse of the European Union. That might sound strange or bleak, but it’s his ability to look at the dark side that has allowed him to amass his wealth.

It seems he’s learned his dark outlook on the world from his father, who, when George Soros was just a young boy, secured falsified papers in Hungary in order to avoid Nazi prosecution in 1944. His father taught him the value of looking at harsh realities, which Soros says, is essential when looking for solutions. He goes on to say, “Once you are aware of the dangers, your chances of survival are much better if you take some risks than if you meekly follow the crowd. That is why I trained myself to look at the dark side. It has served me well in the financial markets.”

It seems that Soros believes that only when your back is up against the wall that you find real innovative solutions. This was no better on display the 1992’s Black Wednesday UK currency crisis, where Soros short saled the British pound to generate US$1 billion in profit. And now the 85-year-old is taking his dark side point of view to the recent migrant crisis in the European Union.

Of course everybody feels terrible for the refugees fleeing Syria and other parts of the Middle East, but few you are focusing on the economic impact it will have on the European Union; that is of course everybody but George Soros. He predicts that the influx of migrants to the European Union will have a catastrophic effect on the unions economy. Upwards of 1 million refugees enter the European Union in 2015. These unfortunate people need housing, clothing and jobs, and sorting out the migrants role in their new society takes time.

That is why Soros is warning of the need for the European Union to set down a common migrant policy across all nations. This will help ease the transition for the refugees into their new societies and will allow the European Union to control the flow of migrants. This will allow for an economically sustainable influx that will keep the European Union afloat. And in the meantime, philanthropists like George Soros can help ease pain and suffering by donating millions to the cause.


A Visit To Jon Urbana’s Blog Is Like Visiting An Art Museum With Amazing Food

People love blogs. Some bloggers use words to get their point across. Other bloggers use videos and photographs to express their innermost thoughts. Jon Urbana, Villanova’s former lacrosse star and now known to be an aspiring environmentalist, uses photographs to express himself. Jon is a gifted photographer as well as a natural on Twitter that loves the simplicity in all things on his Facebook profile too. His biography and Instagram handle (@jonurbana) both represent a collection of photographs that anyone can relate to. And if you ever need to fly somewhere, Jon Urbana is your man. He recently won the accolades of the Aviation Business Gazette.

The first blog post that captures the essence of an Urbana thought is “the Close Up Of A Silver Fork With Spaghetti.” One can see the beginning of a Next Level Lacrosse Camp meal at a quaint Italian restaurant in Denver. The fork is held a few inches from Jon Urbana’s mouth so the startup mogul with much success on the tech scene can enjoy the art of eating spaghetti that has been professionally prepared and wrapped on the silver fork in exactly the right way.


A LinkedIn biography gives readers a glance of Jon’s patience seeing his startups through over the years, no matter how long they take. We saw the same sentiment echoed by Bloomberg in Jon Urbana aims to support Earth Force Inc through Go fund me campaign. In this photo, he sits at the bar of this fine Italian establishment waiting for his companion to exit the ladies room. The blog post, “Second round” gives the reader the impression that the first round was too good not to have a second one. The position of the cocktail glasses represent the close feelings Jon has with his dinner and drinking companion.

A third Urbana Yahoo Answers question gives people insight into Jon’s world at a particular moment. The blog is “Pomegranates berries on white plate.” Readers can only imagine the symbolism of this deep-rooted post. Urbana’s expressing his love using the berries as a symbol. It’s not just the berries that express that love; it is also the amount of berries on the plate.

Donate to Jon Urbana’s Charity Drive from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

Jon takes a step beyond the obvious in his “Happy Fruit’ post. This post is another expression of love. The love of family and the love of enjoying the happy years as a child shows in this post.

The blog post “Orange Jam” shows Urbana’s love of sports and his love for his hometown. The color orange is a symbol of the city that has given Jon so much to, and the spoon filled with jam shows the passing on of that giving.

Earth Temple – credit: Jon Urbana


Meeting Yenomi Park — a North Korean Refugee

Yeonmi Park and her mother bravely escaped the harsh dictatorship of North Korea one cold night in 2007. Under the watchful eye of trained guards, the two made their escape across the frozen Yalu River, into mainland China and into safety. Young Yeonmi Park told the DailyMail she didn’t even know what the word “freedom” meant when she set out to leave North Korea with her mother, she just wanted to be somewhere better — and she trusted her mother’s judgement. She describes her greatest enjoyments in life before leaving North Korea as the moments when she was given food. Describing her life as “kind of a rollercoaster,” after her initial escape into mainland China, life didn’t immediately settle down. While her father made a bold attempt to join Yeonmi and his wife, his sickness overcame him and he died only months later from a bout of untreated cancer. According to authorities in the land where Yeonmi is from, North Korea, her tale is entirely fabricated. They wish to paint her in a light of doubt and two-faced nature when in fact she is a legitimately escaped citizen from a land that really makes it almost impossible to survive as a regular individual. The fact that North Korean leaders take their tyranny to such a degree as to discredit the stories of brave people who have managed to escape their land is further testimony to their twisted nature. As a rule of thumb, if somebody has to escape your country in the cloak of nightfall, then you probably don’t have a great amount of freedom or opportunity as a nation. She tells a very heart-breaking tale of a land with barely any food, barely any lights and no advertising on Amazon for any products. North Korea is still a very tough trouble spot in the world that seemingly isn’t being addressed to a satisfactory enough extent.


News In Visual Search Industry And Slyce

I was looking for something online to buy the other day, and I found something new and interesting about the ways we have available to search for things to purchase on the internet. It’s called Slyce, and it’s an incredible, new way to find the things that you want to buy online. It’s easy to use, and it is available as an application for free on most devices. It works great, which is a good sign for a new application. Slyce has made a bunch of updates to their system that make it more valuable than most of the visual search technologies by other companies.

The reason I found out about visual search technology is because I was busy looking online for things to buy, and I found this article by the MIT Technology Review. It gives a great scope of the industry of online search by visual images. I was surprised to find out how many huge companies have tried out making their own visual search applications. I am glad I found Slyce because it’s the best visual search technology that I have found from all the applications.

I’ll include the article later on in this post, but I wanted to talk more about Slyce because their company is doing a lot in this field. They have made some serious changes recently in the way that the company works in order to work better with retailers and online shopping markets. They are working with these other businesses to offer their specials to customers who might not have seen the special deals. These deals and discounts help consumers save money on their purchases, and they also help retailers make money by promoting their products.

There’s another feature that Slyce has just introduced that is fascinating to me. It’s called Slyce Link, and it helps consumers find their products from the visual search, even when the product is out of stock. Slyce Link helps users see different results when the product they are looking for is not available. It shows the user similar search results. This helps the company have less online shopping carts abandoned, which is a major factor in Slyce’s product line. Slyce keeps growing and making new changes, so we can expect more updates to their platform.

The article I found is from MIT Technology Review, a credible website. It can be found by going to this link.


Denver Native Jon Urbana Loves Charities And Lacrosse More Than Skiing

Most people that grow up around Denver develop a strong interest in skiing and other outdoor activities. Jon Urbana grew up in Denver, but he developed another interest. Urbana wanted to play Lacrosse. Jon excelled in Lacrosse in high school, and he picked an East Coast University to continue his love for the game. Urbana chose Villanova University, and he became one of the best players on the team. But Jon didn’t just focus on Lacrosse while he attended college. He majored in economics, and he decided he would use what he learned to help others.

When Urbana founded the Animal Rescue and Adoption Society, more than a million cats a year were euthanized simply because no one would take care of them. In his blog bio, Jon states that he decided to start a non-profit that protected cats in the Denver area from senseless euthanasia, and his plan is working. The Animal Rescue and Adoption Society is saving the lives of cats, and the charity is also bringing cat awareness to the public.

In order to build national recognition for the Animal Rescue and Adoption Society, Urbana started a CrowdRise Fund. Any money donated to that fund goes directly to the care of the cats and the fund is growing. The quest to save cats is becoming a national mission, and Urbana is one of the leaders of that movement.

Donate to Jon Urbana’s Charity Drive from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

Saving cats has always been one of Jon Urbana’s priorities, but he didn’t forget Lacrosse when he started his non-profit organization. Jon also started the Next Level Lacrosse Camp to teach kids how to play Lacrosse. The camp is a success thanks to Jon’s reputation and the staff that works with him at the camp.

Urbana’s business accomplishments are as interesting as his charity work. Urbana is currently helping a Danish company establish a foothold in the American market. And while he is doing that, Jon continues to develop a reputation as a photographer.

Jon is living his dream and it is a multifaceted one. Urbana believes everyone can make a difference, and the people around him believe he’s right. It only takes one idea to change the world, and Urbana has a lot of great ideas.


The Pittsburgh Steelers Strategic Planner Introduces A New Fashion Line

Some people look at football as a tough sport with no fashion sense. But the NFL and the teams say that assessment is way off base. Fans love football fashion, and teams around the country are giving fans what they want. One team, the Pittsburgh Steelers, is so focused on fashion that they just introduced a new line of merchandise that has all the earmarks of up-to-date fashion for fans of all ages. Susan McGalla, the marketing and retail expert is the new director of strategic planning for the Steelers and she had done an exceptional job putting a website together that is filled merchandise that ranges from jewelry to Tommy Bahama clothing and Nike Golf merchandise and Victoria Secret items. The new website https://shop.steelers.com/ makes it easy for Steelers fans to shop merchandise that compliments their love for the Steelers as well as their love for timely fashion, according to McGalla. McGalla is no stranger to the fashion industry. Susan was the President of Pittsburgh-based American Eagle Outfitters and the CEO of the young fashion chain Wet Seal. Susan also manages her retail consultant firm. McGalla has added items for women, like Pandora jewelry, to the Steeler’s fashion mix as well as colors that are hard to ignore. There is a healthy dose of pink for the girls and metallic gold and neon yellow to show the character and direction of the fashion line. Susan McGalla is a genius when it comes to putting a fashion line together that can be dressed up or down depending on how the merchandise is worn. McGalla also incorporated the Steelers logo in some items like scarfs and other accessories. Susan likes bling, but the bling is tempered by understandable fashion items that sports fans can easily relate too. Ms. McGalla put the line together after listening to fans. She paid attention to brand recognition and lifestyles and according to the response she hit a home run with her choices. The Steelers fashion line is the talk of social media sites and focus groups are giving McGalla the feedback from about.me she needs to tweak the line regularly. The Steelers are not only champions in Pittsburgh they are becoming fashion leaders thanks to Susan McGalla.


Beneful Products Offer Puppy Nutrition in Every Bite

The Beneful Dog Food Brand offers the consumer many selections when it comes to puppy’s overall health. Four of its products are profiled within the following content.

Beneful Dry Dog Food Originals

The wise owner fills his or her canine’s bowl with Beneful Dry Dog Food. The dry version is rich in antioxidants. It provides puppy with all the nutritional requirements necessary to maintain optimum energy levels. Further, depending on the size of the dog, the dry dog food package comes in various weights ranging in size from three and one-half pounds all the way up to forty-four pounds. There are a variety of meat choices offered too such as chicken or beef to name two.

Veggies are part of the mix providing even more nutritional supplementation. Puppy can expect veggie accents in his dish in the way of carrots, peas and spinach.

Beneful Dog Food places the slant on a high nutritional component in order to keep puppy vital.

Beneful® Wet Dog Food Chopped Blends™

Owners who prefer to feed their dogs wet dog food are in luck when it comes to the Beneful mealtime product lineup. Beneful makes a very nutritional wet dog food comprised of salmon, carrots, wild rice and tomatoes. The ingredients in this blend are noticeable.

The wet dog food appears flavorful since dog owner after dog owner have noticed his or her canine’s appreciation of the product.

The wet dog food is easy to break apart, and is yet another very nutritional mix, designed for the optimum health of the dog. The product comes in convenient three ounce cans.

Beneful® Dog Treats

Healthy Smile Dental Twists

Part of perfect dog health involves dental health too. The Beneful Dog Treats product provides puppy with a healthy smile in way of the Healthy Smile Dental Twists product. The product is significant in that it takes care of any build-up puppy may experience with regard to tartar and plaque. The product helps support the dog’s teeth, and provides him or her with a strong skeletal structure. The Beneful Dog Treats also take care of “doggy breath.” A healthful element in the sought after product is parsley.

When it comes to the dental health of the dog–owners cannot help but smile about the product’s effectiveness.

The product comes in various sizes ranging from 7.4 ounces, to 8.4 ounces to 20 ounces.

Beneful® Dry Dog Food
Healthy Puppy with real chicken
    
The young dog has his or her own special mix in way of Beneful Dry Dog Food Healthy Puppy

A growing puppy has nutritional requirements that the older dog no longer needs. The Beneful Dry Dog Food Healthy Puppy mix provides a growing dog with a formula rich in calcium. It provides the young dog with one-hundred percent of the nutrients required in order to keep him or her vital. There are nutrients that are supportive of brain health and development as far as vision. Dogs find the brand flavorful. It delivers all the nutrients necessary in order to keep puppy growing at a constant and healthy rate.

The brand comes in a variety of package sizes ranging from 3.5 pounds to 6.3 pounds to 15 and one-half pound bags.


Beneful Dog Food: Variety with Quality and Consistency

We all want our dogs to enjoy a vigorous and healthy lifestyle. After all, our pets are part of the family, and like other members of the family their health begins with great nutrition. This is where Beneful excels. Whether you’re training a rambunctious puppy, working on improving the health of an overweight friend, or just extending the life of your long-time companion, Beneful has exactly what your dog needs.

Beneful offers eight varieties of dry dog food, to include ‘Originals’, ‘Healthy’, and ‘IncrediBites’ blends. Each of these varieties provide 100% of the nutrients your dog requires each day, so you can feed them with confidence, knowing you’re fostering a healthier life for your pet.

IncrediBites on petco.com comes in tinier sized morsels specifically designed for smaller dogs. It also comes in two flavor combinations, chicken and beef. Each flavor is paired with the perfect mix of delicious vegetables like carrots, peas, sweet potatoes and spinach. IncrediBites, like the Originals and Healthy varieties, also contains a tempting combination of both tender and crunchy textures. All this ensures a flavorful, fun, and nutritious meal dogs crave.

Beneful’s Originals line of dry dog food adds salmon to the mix of base flavors, along with chicken and beef, providing an extra punch of omega-rich goodness to every bowl. It also ramps up the richness with a dose of tomatoes and avocados. The Healthy Weight and Healthy Puppy blends offer extra care with calorie levels and in ensuring calcium and other nutrients for growing puppies.

Not to be outdone, Beneful’s twenty wet food varieties offer options to meet your dog’s every need. The wet varieties are conveniently packaged in easy to serve containers, and they come in everything from ‘Chopped Blends’ (which include Turkey and Lamb bases), to chunky, stewed, and roasted meat varieties.

Beneful on facebook takes great pride in producing these twenty-eight varieties of dry and wet dog foods. They ensure only the highest quality ingredients go into each blend, and they focus on consistency, nutrition, and flavor in every aspect of production. It’s no wonder dogs eat the wide selection with such enthusiasm. Do your dog’s health and happiness a favor; introduce your pet to Beneful today.