Lovaganza: Loving your world and all cultures

Lovaganza is a series of events promoting peace and unity. One event took place the week of September 14th, 2015. There were shows exhibitions and other events. They held hands across the world, held unity speeches, 24 hour parties and masquerade balls. These took place in more than fifty cities across the world. The goal was for people to unite worldwide for the same cause, a future filled with peace, hope and unity. A Current schedule for the week of Lovaganza for upcoming years has not been released but is planned through 2020.

What is Lovaganza? Lovaganza’s convertible Caravans, Immerscope Cinema Pavilions and attraction Carousels has a new immersion type of entertainment. They are a traveling show. They want to take the consumer to a whole new level. The goal is to allow everyone of all nations to experience groundbreaking immersive entertainment. One of their shows is called “A Walk Around the World”. This is a new way to see cinema from animated matinee series and also using epic motion pictures. Lovaganza are hoping this will allow the audience to discover their neighbors from all regions of the world. They will use Immerscope Technology and Attraction Carousels.

The first immersive traveling cinema pavilion will present in May 2017. Audiences will watch a 3D movie on a screen that wrap around the room. They will watch the 3D movie without glasses.
This will be possible by using Immersion scope a new 3D technology.

Then in 2018 there will be full motion picture, The Lovaganza Convoy: Part I: follow your dream. This will also use the Immersion scope technology. The trailer is available on YouTube and other internet sources. It seems to hint that the secret to Humanity is revealed.

The Attraction Carousels, “A Walk around the World” will be ready in 2018 by Lovaganza. It will be in eight different regions of the world. They goal is for people to learn more about each continent. As people enter the Carousel, they will literally walk through all the regions of the world in a circular pavilion. While walking they will experience 3D and Holographic sensory technology

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Protect Your Online Reputation With the Right Reputation Management Service

Your reputation can make or break your business, but the good news is with the internet it is now possible to quickly build up a great reputation for your business. With so many social media sites and online review sites such as Yelp you can easily get a great online reputation. The only problem is that the internet updates in real time and it only takes one mistake for your ranking to tank just as fast as it rose.

As a professional you may not realize that your reputation online is just as important as a business reputation, and you may not be aware that you need to keep your information online positive. It only takes one negative mark to mar you when employers search for information about you before they hire you, and it is hard to remove that mark once it is made.

In order to make sure that you maintain a reputation online it may be time to think about hiring a reputation management service. A great online reputation management service can offer you a full docket of services including preventing reputation disasters, stopping any before they occur, and fixing any that it may be too late to prevent.

In today’s world, when someone wants to know about anyone they instantly do a search online, so it is important to make sure that when people search you the top results are all relevant and positive. An online reputation management service can make sure this is the case every time and play a large role in helping you get the job you were after or the new customers your business needs.

Better Reputation is a premier online reputation management service that guarantees you they will be able to repair, improve, or maintain your positive image online. They offer no obligation quotes because you should not have to pay to learn how helpful they can be. Additionally, they stick to their original estimate regardless of any extra time a job may take to complete. This is just one of the reasons people and businesses are trusting Better Reputation to help manage their valuable online presence.


Kate Hudson and Her Fabletics

Marie Claire Magazine interviewed Kate Hudson, the cofounder of Fabletics, an up and coming activewear brand that has made active wear accessible to the masses by making a quality line of clothing very affordable. Kate Hudson goes onto reveal the up and coming clothing launches that her brand will be launching in April of 2016. These include both athleisure dresses and performance swimwear. Check the full interview at http://www.marieclaire.com/fashion/news/a19566/kate-hudson-fabletics-interview/

Officially the company was launched in October of 2013 and has since exploded onto the global market by opening in Europe, Canada and Australia. The motto of the company has always been to promote others to stay active. Wether it be in the fitness studio, competing or just running after the children, Fabletics inspires confidence while doing these activities. The difference with Fabletics to other brands is that they make active wear affordable to the public. Prior to Fabletics’ launch activewear was only accessible to a niche market as these products were very expensive and not very affordable to the average person. Fabletics set out to change that. Their mantra is also to live your passion every day.

The athleisure dresses was the natural progression of the company to take those active individuals and now offer a casual offering that will take them out and about. Kate Hudson revealed that the dresses are made from performance fabric which like all the other active wear makes them extremely comfortable. These dresses of Fabletics can easily be warn out on a dinner date or even at the office. Whatever the occasion is the dresses will be confidence inspiring. Light movement can also be performed in the dress so there is no reason to shy away from being as active as possible while still feeling feminine and looking sexy.

Some of the dresses of Fabletics also feature in built bra’s. One of these models is the the Tropez dress. Other dresses can easily be combined with bra’s as the idea is to make sure everything fits in snug and tight to the body. There are other companies who have similar dresses such as Hervé and Alaia but the Fabletics dresses are much more affordable. See: http://www.fabletics.com/how-it-works

The performance swimwear is also very similar and allows the wearer to remain active yet feel the support that is required. No longer does the wearer have to shy away from beach yoga or beach sports. Simply get out and get fit. This is the main idea behind the athleisure line of clothing. Kate Hudson reveals that she will not be moving into high fashion as the companies main focus is to inspire others to get active, stay health and fit. They want to reach a broad spectrum of people and not limit their target market by going high fashion.


Securus Technologies Launches a New Mobile Application that Facilitates Video Visitation.

Securus Technologies is one of America’s best providers of justice and criminal technology. Products from the company help in investigation, monitoring and other activities that ensure public safety. The firm is headquartered in Dallas, Texas and it serves more than 3400 institutions in the northern parts of America, which have close to 1.2 million inmates. The main products that are offered by secures technologies include incident control, informing the public, inmate self-service, monitoring, investigation, and communication. The company provides its services with the primary aim of giving American’s correctional institutions with the best software solutions and exceptional technologies. To achieve this, Securus has hired high trained personnel, who include technologists, designers, and engineers. The company stands out from the rest that offer the same services due to its outstanding customer service.
In a report by PR Newswire , the firm recently announced the official launch of its mobile phone software that will provide video visitation services. It will be available for Android phones and tablets as well as Apple iPads, iPods and iPhones. According to Securus Technologies’ Marketing and Strategy Vice President, Russell Roberts, the Securus Video Visitation application will be one of the many ways that the company helps in serving and connecting family and friends with their loved ones, who are imprisoned. The firm decided to invest in developing the mobile app since most family and friends did not have a precise idea of how they can conveniently visit their loved ones. The Securus Video Visitation app offers make the process easier by providing the flexibility that most consumers are used to.

Through the help of the mobile application, friends and family will be able to share their fun moments such as bedtime stories and birthdays from all over the world through their Apple and Android devices. Crunchbase‘s review says sharing ability gives an opportunity to the inmates to be close and be part of the fun moments that their loved ones have. The app can be downloaded from Google Play Store for Android and the App Store for Apple users.

Apart from the remote visitation capabilities, Securus Video Visitation enable the users to test network connections to ensure a high video quality during streaming, synchronize visitation information to calendars, and get notifications on future visits. Securus Video Visitations removes the need of having web cameras, tethered computers, and much other extra hardware. Mr. Robert said on the PR Newswire interview that he believes that the software will help in bringing inmates and their loved ones together during moments that they cannot meet.
Read more: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/securus-meets-with-justice-department-and-fbi-to-review-potential-illegal-activities-within-the-inmate-telephone-marketplace-300262288.html



The Frenzy About Fabulous Fabletics

As a woman who enjoys fitness and trends, I must say that I am very impressed with the Fabletics active wear line that was designed and created by iconic actress Kate Hudson. Nobody wants to feel dumpy or just blah when you are trying to get fit right? This new trend setting active wear collection is so refreshing and actually fun to wear!

I recently read an article on The Clothes Maiden and was really amazed at how many styles and vibrant colors Fabletics had out, especially for their spring/summer collection! This line of active wear really does blow the competition away!

Unlike most athletic garments, Fabletics is designed to boost your self image. No more saggy gym shirt, or see-through pants which leave nothing to the imagination. These clothes are unlike any other and will definitely keep your confidence up and I feel that when your confidence is higher, you strive to stay in shape more.

I visited the actual site: http://wwd.com/fashion-news/fashion-scoops/fabletics-to-make-big-push-into-retail-10181356/ to find out more about this clothing line and the reason behind it’s creation in 2013. Kate seen there was a gap in the marketplace for affordable and stylish workout wear and decided to take it head on and create her own styles, and really pursued her dream! She often says, “Live Your Passion” and the girl stood behind that quote…BIG TIME!

Fabletics was designed to inspire you not only to become active but to stay active. This is a different life goal for everyone, whether or not you are a marathon runner, yoga fanatic, or just moderately active. The active wear is high quality and definitely trend setting as well as very affordable.

If you were to visit the site on Pinterest you would be amazed at not only the vast styles and colors, but also there are tons of excercises and recipes and just a plethora of fun things for the average fitness freak! These clothes are so comfortable and stylish that you can even wear them to the grocery store and out shopping, you actually forget you have your workout gear on!

So I say, bravo Kate! You have really went above and beyond where style and fitness comfort merge, my dear. I am a happy customer and very pleased with your clothing and I promise to share what I have learned with all of my fitness friends!
 Source: http://www.bustle.com/articles/152273-when-is-fabletics-swimwear-coming-out-start-planning-for-the-beach-now-photos


Only the Best from Beneful

Whether it’s the large, medium, or small dog in my family’s pack, Beneful has a high quality dog food to ensure my best friends are getting the best nutrition to keep them healthy, happy, and ready to play. Beneful has a full line on Wal-Mart supermarkets of dry and wet dog foods to allow me to choose the best food for each of my dogs.
Beneful’s Original Dry Dog Food is an Amazon best selling variety comes in beef, chicken, and my pack’s favorite, salmon. Beneful also offers dry dog food in Healthy Weight to help me protect my large breed dog’s health and happiness by maintaining a healthy weight. Healthy Puppy offers the ideal nutrition for the youngest member of my pack, and helps promote healthy growth and development. Playful Life is Beneful‘s dry dog food blend specifically formulated to give my older dog the energy he needs to thrive everyday. Beneful’s Incredibites offer my smallest buddy crunchy miniature bites, for ideal food for his small breed. Each of these specific Beneful Dry Dog Foods is designed to ensure that all my dogs have the proper nutrition for their breed.

Likewise, Beneful’s Wet Dog Foods [see, https://www.beneful.com/products/wet-dog-food/]offer my dogs tender and tasty meals in flavors like beef, chicken, or salmon with tomatoes, carrots, and wild rice, or turkey and sweet potato. All my dogs know they are loved when Beneful Wet Dog Foods are in their bowls.

Beneful’s Healthy Smile Dental Twists also offer an effective oral hygiene treat that my dogs beg for over and over again. Beneful offers these healthy dental treats [see, https://www.beneful.com/products/dog-treats/] in a mini, small/medium, and large to ensure that each of my pets is enjoying a treat with an eye toward proper nutrition. And for the truly dedicated pet parent like myself, Beneful offers Baked Delight Hugs to treat my dogs to a snack that they will love, and I feel good about giving them any time.

No matter which member of my pack, Beneful has a dog food to match our needs, and to keep both me and my best friends happy.




Sharp and Qnet Combine Forces For Healthier Inside Air

Many people fail to realize just how many pollutants are trapped in the air that we breathe indoors. This can be particularly harmful to children and the elderly, but everyone is potentially at risk. Air purifiers have been around for decades, but many simply fail to adequately perform the role that they were intended to fulfill. A partnership recently formed in India is about to change all of that, however, as Sharp and QNET have joined forced to market a new type of air purifier.

Officially dubbed the Sharp-QNET Plasma Cluster Air Purifier, the unit will be sold and distributed via a comprehensive e-commerce marketing platform that QNET has developed. This release reaffirms the commitment that QNET has towards developing innovative products aimed at the health and wellness industries. What they lacked, however, was an adequate distribution network that could get quality air purifiers into the hands of those who need them most. That is where the Sharp brand came into play, resulting in a partnership that is built on mutual understanding and trust.

Both companies win with this partnership. Sharp is able to expand their brand recognition and notoriety across India and beyond, while QNET is able to further develop heath and wellness products that are so desperately needed in today’s modern society. By focusing on the development of a quality air purifier that truly revitalizes inside air, consumers are afforded the opportunity to live healthier and more productive lives.

QNET India has been in business since 1998. During that time, they have evolved into one the fastest growing online based healthy shopping sites in the world. They focused on aggressive delivery methods designed to change lives and promote healthier lifestyles. This move towards providing air purifiers is yet another step in that direction.

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Event Planning: How a Company Event Can Impact Employees

A company event is nothing more than a social gathering, which is why it may have a strong effect on the employees of the company. Experts have noted that people can understand a concept better when they come together for a social event. Mirror neurons help human beings mirror each other. And, during a company event, the employees will attempt to mirror each other’s understanding. This makes the event the perfect place to introduce new material to employees.

It is no secret that an event catered to the company’s employees will also make them feel appreciated. Appreciation goes a long way because it may help employees feel happy and rewarded. These are the types of feelings that a company should promote to make employees feel connected to each other and the company. A carefully planned company event can help boost moral because the company showed interest in the employees.

There is also a chance that every employee will associate happiness and solidarity with the company. In essence, the employees should become more loyal to the company. This means the employees might work harder and be more dedicated to a company they feel connected to.

Planning a Good Company Event

Planning a good company event involves a lot of things, from being properly catered to finding a good venue. Most of these details can be taken care of by a professional event planner, which is of the utmost importance.

It is important to consider some of the small details that are sometimes overlooked. For one, thinking of an overall theme should make it easier to find a venue and create a menu. One can use themes like a “tropical” getaway or something similar.

Another important factor that should not be forgotten is hiring a professional speaker or entertainer. This could motivate or keep the mood alive during the entire event. Of course, there are other things to consider, but a good event planner will take care of them.

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Beneful is adapting to the health food trends

Dogs are an important part of daily life for millions of Americans. Dogs wake us up in the morning, and snuggle us as we sleep. Most Americans would do anything to keep their dogs happy and healthy, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that premium dog food is increasing in popularity across the country.
Several premium dog food brands have arrived on the market in recent years, and these dog foods are incredibly popular. In order to compete with these dog foods, traditional manufacturers have started rolling out their own premium brands. Excellent ingredients like lamb, fish, and buffalo are growing in popularity. Other premium brands have started experimenting with offering grain-free options. Sales of premium dog food have surged in general, reaching $10.5 billion a year. This is a 45% increase since 2009, meaning that the growth is absolutely ridiculous.

While premium dog food brands are extremely popular on twitter, many traditional brands have adapted to changes in the market. One traditional brand that has changed their product line considerably since 2009 is Beneful. Beneful has always been known for its’ incredible product line. Their dog food is known for being extremely healthy for dogs, so it makes sense to incorporate premium ingredients into their Amazon sold dog food line.

Beneful has started adding the best possible products to their dog food. For example, their wet food products now include high quality chicken, lamb, and beef. They also incorporate great vegetables, so your dog receives the nutrition they deserve. The dry dog food (https://www.beneful.com/products/dry-dog-food/) from Beneful also features ingredients that are great for your dog. Dog owners are sure to appreciate the amazing salmon, beef, and chicken that Beneful dog food has to offer. Finally, Beneful customers can expect their dog food to keep their dog healthy and happy.

Dog owners everywhere deserve the dog food that will keep their dog health. They are searching for the best possible dog food, and thus they deserve premium ingredients that will help their dog stay healthy. Beneful is one of the best dog food brands on the market, because it is packed with healthy ingredients.


Patterns and Styles You Need in Your Closet

In a recent article on popsugar.com, the styles and patterns every woman needs in their closet was the main subject. Every woman goes through fashion changes and revamps of their closet but these patterns are said to be a must have in every wardrobe. The importance of staying current and wearing clothing that is in style on Heels is always a concern of women around the world, and the article featured on Pop Sugar should help make your shopping choices easier.

The article lists twelve different patterns that each woman should have in their closet. Some of those included were leopard, snakeskin, stripes and more. To view more of these must have patterns visit: http://www.popsugar.com/fashion/Prints-Every-Woman-Should-Own-41038601?slide=opening-slide. This guide is helpful to women so they know what patterns will remain timeless and always in style.

When it comes to style today, there are many, many retailers to choose from when looking for that perfect ensemble. One website retailer known through various commercials and advertisements is called JustFab. Featuring a wide variety of shoes, it also has a beautiful line of fashion forward women’s clothing. Current styles and patterns, like mentioned in the above article, can be found on Justfab.com. The exciting thing about JustFab is the fact that it’s a monthly subscription. New shoes and clothing delivered to your door based on your personal profile preferences on Pinterest. It’s like every woman’s dream come true!

JustFab offers so many different choices to women in clothing, shoes and accessories. Most of them time, they offer high value promotions for first time customers which is an exciting incentive to most women. Their site makes shopping online so easy because everything is cute and pretty affordable. If you would like to stay current on your fashion statements, JustFab has a plethora of options to offer you and you will be surprised at how incredibly stylish they are.