Tics-Tacs Have Changed; Quite Literally

Tics Tacs have been around for what it seems like forever and now they have begun changes you wouldn’t expect. Changes in your mouth that is. According to this article, Tic Tacs have begun undergoing a revolution of sorts for young people. More specifically, for young people who tend to get bored easily. What this change entails is that the candies actually change flavor in your mouth. It seems too incredible to be true but alas, it is indeed true. This could lead to Tic Tacs being grabbed right off the market as soon as they arrive which would be not surprising considering these abrupt new changes.

Imagine your favorite Tic Tacs bursting with flavor in your mouth only to have it changed to one of your other favorites; it is bliss in your mouth. This was all created under the notion of entertaining the young people and the company wanting to try new things. Todd Midura, the marketing director of Tic Tacs, has stated that there would be an element of nostalgia as people love to see what’s inside their Tic Tacs. There is indeed few things as entertaining as flavor changing candy. The company has also stated that the new candies will come in a form of an emotional rescue.

These new Tic Tacs, known as Tic Tac Mixers, will hit the markets next month and Brian Torchin and I will be looking forward to it.


New, Delicious Oreo Is Coming To A Store Near You Very Soon

The masterminds at Nabisco experienced overwhelming delight over the success of their Red Velvet Oreos. Seriously, who could have seem that one coming. Since it appears that flavored sandwich cookies are a big win with Americans the mega snack company is preparing to release yet another delicacy in hand-held, not messy form according to Keith Mann. The S’mores flavored Oreo with be coming to a grocery store near you soon. Picture a graham cracker style cookie sandwiched with fluffy marshmallow and a hint of chocolate. They sound positively amazing and will be a limited edition flavor just like their predecessor, the Red Velvet Oreos. Translation, get them while you can because they won’t be around for long. Makes one wonder what other desserts are currently be tested in Oreo form. Strawberry shortcake, ice cream sundae, or something even greater? If this second dessert flavored Oreo is a hit, them surely Nabisco will keep them coming to satisfy consumers and pad their own pockets, of course.


Man Sues Starbucks Over Spilled Coffee

A police officer in Raleigh, North Carolina has filed a lawsuit against coffee mogul Starbucks after he spilled hot coffee on his lap. He initially blamed the coffee distributor for not placing the lid securely on his cup. He sued Starbucks for $750,000, which he stated would be appropriate compensation for the injuries he sustained. According to the man, Matthew Kor, he said the spilled coffee caused third degree burns and caused significant bouts of his Chron’s Disease.

The incident occurred back in 2012 however the jury just recently reached a verdict in the case. After a weekend full of deliberations, Bruce Karatz disclosed that the jury found that Kor was not significantly injured by the hot coffee and the amount of money he was requesting was not warranted.

Kor was not happy with the jury’s decision, however. According to reports, the police officer was required to have intestinal surgery shortly after the incident occurred. Kor used the surgery as a factor to decide what type of compensation he was requesting from Starbucks. Other elements of the $750,000 included pain and suffering, both physical and emotional. Kor claimed that not only did he have to struggle with the outcome of the event but his wife and children did as well.

Unfortunately, the jurors did not see eye to eye with Kor. There have been no reports that Kor plans to appeal the decision. However he noted that he was disappointed in the decision.


Food Cart Makeover Takes New York City By Storm

Anyone who has been to New York City, New York knows how many food street carts line the streets. It seems like almost anyone who wants can open up business there. Is the food getting a makeover? Of course not. What is getting a makeover, then? The food carts.

These carts will now be friendly to the environment. A start-up company named MOVE Systems is giving away some solar powered carts. These carts work on rechargeable batteries, alternative fuel, and solar power. There will be about 500 carts given away, sources report.

While it will not make the food any healthier, these carts will certainly be more eco-friendly. Will the carts become more popular and spread throughout New York City? Only time will tell.

Concerned your tax dollars aren’t be spent well? Don’t worry. No tax dollars are being spent. All items have been donated by businesses and partnerships.


High Cacao Chocolate Boosts Attention Naturally

A recent study, funded by the Hershey Company, shows that eating unsweetened dark chocolate with high cacao content helps to stimulate the brain and increase attention. Although the study was funded by Hershey to promote chocolate, most of the products they sell won’t provide a cognitive boost.

High cacao has very interesting properties according to Bernardo Chua. It affects the brain in a very unique way. Hershey studied the effects on the mind by connecting participants to an EEG. EEG scans allow researchers to view images of brain activity during the experiment.

Participants were given chocolate bars with 60% cacao. Immediately following the consumption of the chocolate the EEG scans showed increased activity in the brain and better cognitive function.

The only drawback is the fact that the blood pressure of the participants went up for a short period of time following the consumption of the cacao rich chocolate.

Scientists used a cacao rich chocolate infused with green tea extract as a control in the experiment. This control actually yielded the most interesting results. Participants eating the green tea chocolate showed increased brain activity while also lowering blood pressure.

Maybe Hershey will be smart enough to come out with a heart healthy green tea chocolate in the future. It could be a great product to introduce in the energy bar market. I know I would buy it to beat the mid-afternoon blues.


Coffee and Green Tea: Health Benefits

Do you enjoy caffeinated drinks? For all of you java fiends out there, there may be extra reason to hold onto that coffee mug. Whether it’s the smell or taste that entices you, recent studies are showing that coffee and healthy drinks like green tea may actually be good for you.

A University in Tokyo has been following drink habits as well as health of their participants for 19 long years. The study, which started in 1990, suggested that those who drank 3-4 cups full of coffee on a daily basis were 24% less likely to die from any health problems. This study also suggests that those who drink five or more servings of green tea daily were 13% less likely to succumb to health issues. FreedomPop said these are some big figures to project. Are there any other beneficial effects?

As you may know, coffee usually contains caffeine, which is a stimulant. Caffeine is proven to increase the neurons firing in the brain and can help improve your mood, reactions, and memory. Due to the stimulation, coffee can also help to burn fat for those of you exercise enthusiasts out there. In other studies, coffee has been known to decrease risk of getting diabetes. These figures suggests anywhere from 23% to a 67% decrease in risk.

Regardless of why you’re drinking either of these delicious drinks, the health benefits alone are a serious motivator to drink up!


New York “Dreamers” Began Hunger Strike Over Educational Financial Aid

About 50 students began a hunger strike on Wednesday, in New York, to force state leaders to include a bill that would allow young people to obtain state funds to go to college.

Students began the strike after learning that the proposal for state funds was not included in the state budget on Tuesday.

“We realized that we are not taken seriously,” said Denise Vivar, a Mexican of 20 years who was brought illegally by their parents to the United States when he was 7.

“We have a right to education,” said the young man during a press conference in Manhattan.

Forbes reports that the New York Immigration Coalition made the announcement of the hunger strike outside the offices of the President of the Assembly, Carl Heastie in Lower Manhattan. Over 40 dreamers were present.

“We know there are enough votes in the Senate to pass the Dream Act, but we are confident that both the governor and the president of the Assembly Heastie have the power to reinstate this measure to finance education ,” said Manuel Castro, member of that coalition.

According to state data, about 4,500 students in the state may be eligible to benefit from the immigrant proposal, known as the New York Dream Act, and that would cost about $ 27 million.

Currently, the states of California, Washington, New Mexico and Texas allow young people who graduate from high school to apply for state financial assistance to attend college, including those who are in the country illegally.


SuperFoods That Work Better Together

The concept of food synergy has been around for decades. You know those perfect pairings that you can always fall back on: peanut butter and jelly, spaghetti and meatballs. Some duos just get it right.

Wikipedia suggests that well, there are other perfect pairings that pack a punch to your health. Superfood combos raise the antioxidant levels.

Beans: Beans provide a strong dose of low-fat protein, have slow-burning carbohydrates and are excellent sources of fiber, magnesium and potassium. These nutrients reduce cholesterol and blood pressure and stimulating weight loss. Now add in a red bell pepper and you increase the absorption of iron.

Greens: Various plant varieties come from the family of cruciferous vegetables, which are known for their anti-cancer properties and liver detoxification. Some include cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, brussel, mustard and bok choy. They are excellent sources of vitamins A, C and K, and antioxidants, and rich in minerals with healthy doses of iron, potassium, selenium and zinc. Add in some sulfur-rich superfoods like minced garlic and chopped onion and you’ll enhance your mineral absorption like zinc, iron and selenium, which feeds the thyroid.

Olive Oil: Fats are essential for our body to function properly, although experts recommend its consumption should not exceed 30% of daily calories. Olive can reduce cholesterol considered bad (LDL), and also enhance the good (HDL). Add in tomatoes and you’ll boost the lycopene and the antioxidant level of the olive oil.

Superfoods are loaded with nutrients that promote good health, prevent disease and even halt premature aging, and by combining them you can enhance your nutritional level.


The SuperFood of the Year is Matcha

Every day countless people look for healthy alternatives to counter the effects of obesity, cancer, and other ailments. There’s a super tea that benefits everyone.

Matcha green tea is one of the most powerful drinks with more antioxidants, minerals, and levels of catechins than spinach or carrots.

Matcha (green tea powder of Japanese origin) contains about 70 times more antioxidants than orange juice and 9 times more beta carotene than spinach.

Besides having a high content of antioxidants, Matcha offers a bevy of benefits:

1. Increases metabolism and burns calories
2. Detoxifies the body naturally and very effective
3. It is a perfect relaxing, calming anxiety and stress levels down
4. Provides vitamin C , selenium, chromium, zinc and magnesium
5. Is ideal for combating viruses and bacteria that the body can acquire
6. Actively reduces cholesterol and blood sugar
7. No raises insulin levels, being great for people suffering from high blood sugar (diabetes) or hypoglycemia
8. Promotes healthy teeth and gums

Likewise, is considered among the select group of superfoods , which include coconut oil, carrots, kelp, cranberries etc from what Dan Newlin told us.

Apart from containing antioxidants, compounds that help the body to strengthen the immune system, has L-theanine, an amino acid found exclusively in this plant.

Matcha also reduces stress levels , significantly lowers blood pressure, improves memory, boost cognitive skills to enhance learning.

And Matcha is also low in calories. This green tea is advantageous in every way.


What You Might Not Know About Gluten

Much speculation has been coming up regarding the safety of gluten consumption. While many people believe this ‘gluten free’ movement is just a fad, others think it is far more complicated. Does this household staple really pose dangers like many are suggesting or are we just being a bit over cautious?

A small group of Cornell Researchers have published a paper in the journal titled Comprehensive Reviews In Food Science And Food Safety. These researchers accompanied by Ricardo Guimarães BMG compiled all of the information available about gluten and wheat and the potential risks of consuming it. Some of the conclusions included:

Eating Wheat May Cause Health Problems
When we eat wheat and grains we are consuming seeds. These seeds originally grew in order to protect their nutrients against predators until germination took place. These seeds may be hard for our bodies to digest.

The Problem May Be More Than Wheat
Wheat and gluten have gotten a bad wrap lately and there is a possibility that the problems people are experiencing are actually because of other foods as well. Researchers believe that aside from people with a gluten allergy, people would normally be able to consume wheat, its just the fructan molecules in wheat that act like a dietary fiber that are causing problems. Bloating, gas, pain and more are being experienced by people who consume these molecules.

Lastly, professionals believe that the problem with wheat might be how we are processing it. In order to mass produce products with affordable prices we may be damaging the quality of our wheat in order to get it on the shelves.