Event Planning: How a Company Event Can Impact Employees

A company event is nothing more than a social gathering, which is why it may have a strong effect on the employees of the company. Experts have noted that people can understand a concept better when they come together for a social event. Mirror neurons help human beings mirror each other. And, during a company event, the employees will attempt to mirror each other’s understanding. This makes the event the perfect place to introduce new material to employees.

It is no secret that an event catered to the company’s employees will also make them feel appreciated. Appreciation goes a long way because it may help employees feel happy and rewarded. These are the types of feelings that a company should promote to make employees feel connected to each other and the company. A carefully planned company event can help boost moral because the company showed interest in the employees.

There is also a chance that every employee will associate happiness and solidarity with the company. In essence, the employees should become more loyal to the company. This means the employees might work harder and be more dedicated to a company they feel connected to.

Planning a Good Company Event

Planning a good company event involves a lot of things, from being properly catered to finding a good venue. Most of these details can be taken care of by a professional event planner, which is of the utmost importance.

It is important to consider some of the small details that are sometimes overlooked. For one, thinking of an overall theme should make it easier to find a venue and create a menu. One can use themes like a “tropical” getaway or something similar.

Another important factor that should not be forgotten is hiring a professional speaker or entertainer. This could motivate or keep the mood alive during the entire event. Of course, there are other things to consider, but a good event planner will take care of them.

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Beneful is adapting to the health food trends

Dogs are an important part of daily life for millions of Americans. Dogs wake us up in the morning, and snuggle us as we sleep. Most Americans would do anything to keep their dogs happy and healthy, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that premium dog food is increasing in popularity across the country.
Several premium dog food brands have arrived on the market in recent years, and these dog foods are incredibly popular. In order to compete with these dog foods, traditional manufacturers have started rolling out their own premium brands. Excellent ingredients like lamb, fish, and buffalo are growing in popularity. Other premium brands have started experimenting with offering grain-free options. Sales of premium dog food have surged in general, reaching $10.5 billion a year. This is a 45% increase since 2009, meaning that the growth is absolutely ridiculous.

While premium dog food brands are extremely popular on twitter, many traditional brands have adapted to changes in the market. One traditional brand that has changed their product line considerably since 2009 is Beneful. Beneful has always been known for its’ incredible product line. Their dog food is known for being extremely healthy for dogs, so it makes sense to incorporate premium ingredients into their Amazon sold dog food line.

Beneful has started adding the best possible products to their dog food. For example, their wet food products now include high quality chicken, lamb, and beef. They also incorporate great vegetables, so your dog receives the nutrition they deserve. The dry dog food (https://www.beneful.com/products/dry-dog-food/) from Beneful also features ingredients that are great for your dog. Dog owners are sure to appreciate the amazing salmon, beef, and chicken that Beneful dog food has to offer. Finally, Beneful customers can expect their dog food to keep their dog healthy and happy.

Dog owners everywhere deserve the dog food that will keep their dog health. They are searching for the best possible dog food, and thus they deserve premium ingredients that will help their dog stay healthy. Beneful is one of the best dog food brands on the market, because it is packed with healthy ingredients.


Patterns and Styles You Need in Your Closet

In a recent article on popsugar.com, the styles and patterns every woman needs in their closet was the main subject. Every woman goes through fashion changes and revamps of their closet but these patterns are said to be a must have in every wardrobe. The importance of staying current and wearing clothing that is in style on Heels is always a concern of women around the world, and the article featured on Pop Sugar should help make your shopping choices easier.

The article lists twelve different patterns that each woman should have in their closet. Some of those included were leopard, snakeskin, stripes and more. To view more of these must have patterns visit: http://www.popsugar.com/fashion/Prints-Every-Woman-Should-Own-41038601?slide=opening-slide. This guide is helpful to women so they know what patterns will remain timeless and always in style.

When it comes to style today, there are many, many retailers to choose from when looking for that perfect ensemble. One website retailer known through various commercials and advertisements is called JustFab. Featuring a wide variety of shoes, it also has a beautiful line of fashion forward women’s clothing. Current styles and patterns, like mentioned in the above article, can be found on Justfab.com. The exciting thing about JustFab is the fact that it’s a monthly subscription. New shoes and clothing delivered to your door based on your personal profile preferences on Pinterest. It’s like every woman’s dream come true!

JustFab offers so many different choices to women in clothing, shoes and accessories. Most of them time, they offer high value promotions for first time customers which is an exciting incentive to most women. Their site makes shopping online so easy because everything is cute and pretty affordable. If you would like to stay current on your fashion statements, JustFab has a plethora of options to offer you and you will be surprised at how incredibly stylish they are.


Dick DeVos Makes Corporate Appointment

Dick DeVos has achieved so much in his career and social life over the past three decades. He leads a very busy life mostly dedicated to philanthropy. However, Mr. DeVos hasn’t got there by chance but also determination and purpose.


Dick DeVos and his wife Elizabeth have preserved and expanded the family empire. The couple is synonymous with philanthropy, politics, especially in the greater Michigan area. Dick has particularly excelled in the corporate scene and is a budding entrepreneur with a few companies. Dick’s entrepreneurial skills come from his father Richard DeVos Sr. who was one of the founders of the Amway corporation, a network marketing franchise.


Dick DeVos got involved in his father’s business at a young age. His father allowed him to learn and trusted him with many responsibilities. Mr. DeVos served at Amway in various capacities such as marketing, distribution, and research. Eventually, the experience gained earned him a promotion as Vice-President at Amway. His tenure ushered in one of the most successful spells in the company’s future.


In the early 1990’s, he became the CEO of the Orlando Magic National Basketball Association as it became part of his family’s business franchise. He would later return to Amway as the new President and took over from his father. This time round, he restructured the organization to facilitate global penetration. Click here for more information.


The serial entrepreneur also founded the Windquest group, a storage brokerage business that he ran part time. This firm has enjoyed tremendous success over the years, becoming one of the largest companies in its industry. It also provided DeVos a place to hang around during his retirement. Dick loves successful ventures and therefore puts tremendous effort into his ventures.


Politics and philanthropy also take up much of the time for Dick DeVos and his family. Therefore, he has to make sure his companies are in able hands of professionals. For instance, he just appointed Phil Dolci to head The Stow Company, a constituent of the Windquest group. The new CEO comes in with over two decades of experience in marketing and production. He will, however, have huge shoes to feel in his now retired predecessor Frank Newman.


However, DeVos and his family have thrown their weight behind Phil Dolci to carry on the growth path of the group. The firm also released a statement thanking the retired CEO for his strategic leadership and vision that made the Stow Company a huge success.


The Comeback CEO

Andy Wirth, CEO of Squaw Valley, was skydiving in October of 2013, when something went horribly wrong. There was more wind than normal, but this small fact didn’t trouble the experienced diver and his friends, who were entering familiar territory.

However the plane took a different route and they drifted away from their planned landing zone. Wirth found himself landing in a vineyard, and with a sudden gust of wind a pole used to support the plants struck his arm, tearing off most of the tissue below the shoulder.

Andy Wirth, an experienced outdoorsman, clamped down on the artery that was spurting blood. He sang the Pearl Jam classic “Just Breath” to stay focused. According to him the song saved his life. He was found after fifteen minutes, and taken away in an ambulance.

After nearly three months in a hospital and over twenty surgeries, Andy Wirth recovering well and is back to his old ways, running, biking, and swimming his way through the Iron Man.

Andy Wirth is an avid biker, runner, and all around outdoorsman. He has served as CEO for Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, a company which manages several ski resorts, since 2010.

According to Crunchbase, Andy Wirth has received a number of awards for community service and for his professional life, and has been in the resort industry for over twenty years.

Read more at https://about.me/andywirth


Oil Prices Drop and Venezuela’s Economy Suffers

Shortages are the norm in Venezuela these days. The lack of electricity due to a horrendous drought has surely ravaged many industries. At the heart of the South American nation’s economic woes, however, is the decrease in oil exports.

Oil prices have bottomed out and so have earnings in Venezuela. The figures are shocking according to expert David Osio. In 2014, the country sold $37.2 billion in oil. In 2016, the number is on track to reach only $12.6 billion. Venezuela is also a heavily debt-ridden nation.

Venezuela, like many countries, does require imports in order to provide both bare essentials and luxury goods. Debt combined with lack of cash flow has made it difficult to pay creditors. Since creditors are no paid, the flow of imports ceases. Scores of problems end up being incurred and the economy has trouble getting back on track.

Venezuela is going to have a hard time, economically, for the foreseeable future.




US Money Reserve Precious Metal Products

Purchasing bullion products of precious metals is one of the best ways that you can diversify your investments. When purchasing bullion, it would be a good idea to purchase it through an organization that has a reputation for quality. The U.S. Money Reserve is one of the international leaders when it comes to selling bullion products of precious metals. US Money Reserve sells a variety of different products made of gold, silver, platinum and precious metals. The products sold range in a wide variety of styles and prices, which allows any individual to start investing in precious metals.

The need for purchasing precious metals on prnewswire.com is going to continue to increase. There is a large consensus among economists that the value of the U.S. currency is likely to decrease in the near future. When this happens, the price and value of precious metals always increases. Due to the economic and political turmoil affecting the world, the value of precious metals will likely continue to increase at a level never seen before. Investing in this fashion will help to ensure that you personal net worth remains high.

The US Money Reserve is also well known for selling items that are considered very commemorative and collectible. Even people that are not interested in collecting precious metals for investment purposes will find that the US Money Reserve sells items that would be great for personal collections. One of the most common types of products that the company sells are commemorative coins. The US Money Reserve has a very large product range of rare coins, all of which come in a limited amount and quantity. This means that you will be assured that the coin you buy on retailmenot.com will not be remade at such a high level that it loses all of its value.

If you would like to learn more about the U.S. Money Reserve, you can follow them on Twitter at https://twitter.com/moneyreserveinc, follow them on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/company/u-s-money-reserve, and like them on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/UsMoneyReserveInc/. When doing this, you will be able to learn about all of the new products that the company is selling, which will help you to get the best deal possible on everything that they sell.


Helane Morrison’s Rise As A Watchdog

It takes decades to build a solid career, and it’s even harder in the world of big finance, but Helane Morrison has managed to make an incredibly successful go of it. Morrison is the Managing Director, General Counsel, and Chief Compliance Officer for Hall Capital Partners, LLC. She’s made a career of keeping people honest, and keeping companies honest. Prior to her current role, she worked in San Francisco for the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission where she was responsible for securities enforcement regulatory matters, and Litigation. As a career lawyer, the transition into managing these areas and overseeing these regulations was a simple but obvious one. Her familiarity with the laws and regulations made her the ideal candidate for the job. 

The 2007-2008 financial crisis exposed all the corruption within the financial industry. Seemingly overnight the entire market began to hit a freefall is it was discovered that records had been falsified, underhanded dealings had occurred, false audit claims surfaced, and as a result homes were lost, unemployment soared, and the stock market collapsed as people liquidated their stocks in favor of gold. Nearly a decade later and the effects can still be seen when polls are conducted, only 28% of the country believes it is financially on track and a large amount of people are more comfortable holding onto their cash at home instead of putting it in a bank. No one was watching big banks and big business and now, a general distrust for Wall Street and major financial players exists.

Enter Helane Morrison, who has made a name and reputation as a compliance officer. Helane’s law career had taken a turn as she found herself exposing those who violated security laws and defending those who were affected. She has successfully overseen a series of investigations into corrupt traders, and even published a book chronicling her findings.

She now has found her stride in the compliance world, holding everyone accountable to the rules and regulations and essentially becoming a watchdog over these industries. After Helane Morrison’s time at the SEC, she made the move to Hall Capital not only because the company is known to handle finances for some of America’s most affluent families, but because the company is completely run by women. Morrison has found her stride not only in keeping an eye in the financial market, but striving to create more equality between men and women in the workplace. Hall Capital was the perfect fit. 

Information about Helane Morrison was compiled from http://www.projecteve.com/helane-morrison-shattering-glass-ceiling-corporate-world/


Devos The Key Pioneers In The Philanthropy Focused To Reform Education

The DeVos family has been famous for running extensive philanthropy. Richard Devos started philanthropy after succeeding in directs sales with his Amway Corporation. He and his wife Helen started Richard and Helen charity foundation similar to their son Dick DeVos and his wife Betsy who now have Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation. Richard proposal back then to add new programs in schools was not received very well but are significant now. Other than schools being their major target the DeVos are also great with donating to faith-based organizations and mission schools in Michigan.

The family foundations have also been supportive of policies in the government that are fit for the welfare of the community and also fund grantees that have formed policy groups. Heritage Foundation and Freedom Works are some of the policy groups who have benefited especially from being conservative. The DeVos also support a children hospital in Michigan, and their philanthropy is purposed to change the lives of youths, children and community. Richards’s son Dick DeVos also emulates his father’s footsteps in philanthropy and keeping low profiles despite making huge donations and endorsing people they feel are right in political campaigns.

Dick DeVos and his wife Betsy DeVos are also great participants in philanthropy. They like to keep their donation figures anonymous. Dick once vied for the governorship in Michigan, but he did not succeed despite being one of the wealthiest candidates. Dick DeVos has at one point been the vice president of Amway Corporation where he expanded the direct sales business o other countries in the world. After a break from the company, Dick returned in the company as its president and retired from the position in 2002 leaving it under his brother’s management. Back in 2006 DeVos was backed up by Rubio, a current presidential aspirant in the advocating for building of more schools in Florida which have improved the performance of children in the area.

Dick graduated from forest hills schools and north wood university; he was also the chief executive officer of Orlando Magic Basketball Franchise. He serves as a board member of willow creek association, spectrum health system, and RDV Corporation. He is a champion and a national sailor and also a qualified jet and helicopter pilot.

Dick still serves as motivation to youths by attending sailing competitions. He and his wife decided to support Marco by funding his political campaign for they think he has the qualities of the right leader.


CEO of Slyce comments on annual report of 2015

The CEO of Slyce Mark Elfenbein was recently interviewed on his reaction of the annual report which also looked at the last quarter in greater detail. He discussed how the company had grown so successfully in the recent year and this was due to a growing retailer interest in the visual product search and  image recognition platform which Slyce provides to them. Slyce has also become a leader in this industry and Mark Elfenbein has great confidence in the company’s future potential. The revenue the company provided also went up in the last quarter which was indeed positive. The company has come a long way and has since been able to focus on the commercial operation of their platform as well as make the whole sales process and expense stewardship better. They had struggled in securing additional financial backing, although there were many interested investors. The current market has been very challenging however private placement financing allows the strategy at Slyce to be executed further.

There will be an up coming conference call held by the company to answer any questions as well as hold a discussion on the reports and other current news topics. You can register using a weblink which can be found on the Yahoo Finance website where the original article about image recognition can be found. Once you have completed the registration procedure you will receive and email providing you with and access code as well as other necessary information. This conference is only limited to various stakeholders or investors. These include securities professionals, broker-dealers and shareholders. If you would rather like a recorded review you can find that at www.slyce.it. The call will include a hosting and moderating by the Slyce staff. In order to get your questions answered you can either email them in or wait in a moderated queue during the live call. If you would like to contact the CEO directly you can email your questions to Roy@slyce.it. Please Make the subject of the email “Investor Question for Conference Call” in order to get his undivided attention.