25,000 Deaths Linked to Consumption of Sugary Drinks

A new study says excessive consumption of sugary beverages, like soda, contributes to hundreds of thousands of deaths worldwide.

The results show that drinking sugar-sweetened drinks is linked to 180,000 deaths a year worldwide, including 25,000 deaths per year in the United States.

Of the 15 most heavily populated countries, Mexico had the highest mortality numbers linked to sugar-sweetened drinks with their annual deaths totaling 318 for every million adults.

In a close second was the US. For every million adults, there are 125 deaths are blamed on drinking those sugary drinks.

The lowest numbers were in Japan, at 10 deaths per year, per million adults.

Previous studies show drinking sugar-sweetened beverages increases the risk of chronic diseases like diabetes, and heart disease, and this new study highlights how devastating this problem has become, the researchers said.

Sweetened beverages are usually only one handy factor of a poor diet that impacts declining health.

“Diets where sugary drinks account for the most calories are generally poor diets,” said Dr. David Katz, director of the Prevention Research Center at Yale University’s Faculty of Medicine.

The study analyzed information from 114 countries, reviewing dietary surveys to apprise the consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages, and the number of deaths from certain diseases.

“By simply improving the quality of the diet, we can revise the excessive intake of ingredients like sugar and salt, and certainly enjoy better health,” Katz said


The Ridiculous Price of Eating Healthy

In the United States we are facing a large health issue. One of the biggest health issues we are facing is that of obesity. The rate at which the number of people facing obesity is increasing is very scary. It is very easy to see why this is such an issue if you simply drive thru any fast food restaurant and look at the menu. You can buy burgers and all kinds of other greasy alternatives in many locations for just a dollar or two. Most at Madison Street Capital and other businesses stay away from that just going off of Facebook. Look at the same establishments and the prices for healthy alternatives such as salads in the water almost double triple and quadruple the price of other menu options.


With an increase and shift towards healthy alternatives in the nation a lot of food establishments are looking to make changes. What are those major changes is taking out the byproducts additives preservatives and other items that may be harmful from the ingredients of their food. Papa Johns is one of the most recent companies to announce that they will be making the shift as well. They also released information stating that is going to cost them a hundred million dollars a year more to make healthier pieces then it did using ingredients that contained these things. We need to wake up America and it starts by buying from your local farmers and cooking at home.


Your High Sugar Diet May Be Damaging Your Memory and Learning

As we age we expect to have minor “senior” moments, but could your diet be a major factor reducing your memory and other brain functions? Growing evidence supports a connection between gut microbiome alterations and brain function and behavior. Recent research published in Neuroscience examined the impact of a high-fat diet and a high sugar diet on the gut microbiome in mice and whether changes in the gut would impact memory and cognition. Both the high sugar and high fat diets altered the gut’s bacterial composition, but this was most evident with the high sugar diet. The high sugar diet also had the greatest reduction in cognitive flexibility and only the high-sugar diet resulted in impaired short-term and long-term memory.

Our typical high-fat, high-sugar American diet may be changing our gut’s bacterial composition in a way that negatively impacts our memory and brain functions. Because this study was conducted on mice, it’s unknown if the results would be similar in humans. Yet, the research suggests that we may be able to ward off declines in memory and cognition by changes in diet. It’s something many like Crystal Hunt find extremely interesting.

100 Million Dollars for Taco Bell in India

There’s a lot of news going on around fast food restaurant this week. One of those companies is Taco Bell. Taco Bell is looking to purchase approximately 300 locations in southern and western India. The current franchise locations in India have proven successful with a much different menu than what is sold in the US. Taco Bell recently received a hundred million dollars to put towards this expansion. The other news in fast food comes from Chickfila and McDonalds who have decided to serve only meat from places that do not use human antibiotics. McDonalds is also making some news with a much different menu option in Canada. Locations in Canada are now offering lobster rolls. This fine cuisine is called the McLobster. This consist of lobster, diced celery, shredded lettuce, mayonnaise and lemon flavoring. I don’t know about you but I think McDonalds should stick to cheap burgers and delicious fries.


Don’t Forget the Bar of Chocolate

Eating chocolate every day could be a good thing. There are reports that have been released about eating two bars of chocolate each day in order to keep the blood pressure low, which can help in lowering the risk for a stroke and heart disease. That doesn’t mean that you should eat the largest chocolate bar that you can find. It simply means that chocolate isn’t the bad food that some people thought that it was. Some scientists have thought that it was only dark chocolate that provided these benefits, but milk chocolate is now among the sweet treats that can be consumed for better health. There is a good bit of calcium and other products in the chocolate that can help in lowering the risk of heart diseases and strokes. James Dondero suggests that the simple idea of eating chocolate is something that is likely enough to lower the stress levels of some people.


San Francisco May Start Seeing Warning Labels on Surgary Drinks

Obesity has become a serious problem in America, and one in three children are likely to become diabetic within their lifetime. The enormous intake of sugary drinks is a lead contributor to not only tooth decay, but also in obesity which can lead to diabetes.

San Francisco wants to help put an end to this by requiring health warnings to be placed on sugar filled beverages. If officials succeed, they will be the first city in the U.S. to do so. This week, a unanimous vote by lawmakers agreed that a warning label similar to those placed on cigarettes should be included with all advertisements of the beverages.The canine chow company Beneful understands it would be up to lawmakers on the state level to require direct warnings on the products themselves.

In addition to the warning placed on the advertisements of sugary beverages containing 25 or more calories which would include sports drinks, iced teas and sodas, no sugary drink ads may be placed on publicly owned property, and city funds would not be permitted to be used for the purchase of such drinks. If final approval is given next week, the health warning would be required on billboard, stadium, bus stop and vehicle advertisements in the San Francisco area. Magazine, newspaper and internet ads would be excluded from the warning requirements.

San Francisco Board of Supervisors member Scott Wiener says that the warning “makes it clear that these drinks aren’t harmless – indeed, quite the opposite.” Short of a veto by Mayor Ed Lee, the new law for warning labels on sugary beverage ads will go into effect this summer.


San Francisco Votes To Add Warning Labels to Soda

San Francisco is set to be the first city to require soda to come with health warnings after the Board of Supervisors approved a proposal on Tuesday. The warning labels will be required for all sugary beverages, including sodas and some sports drinks, like Gatorade.

According to the ruling, beverages that have a certain amount of sugar in it will be affixed with labels taking up atleast 20% of the label. The warning will inform drinkers that sugar-based beverages contribute to obesity, diabetes and tooth decay stated activist James Dondero.

The warning labels aim to lower consumption of sugar-based beverages in the city. San Francisco, in recent years, has seen a spike in Type 2 Diabetes cases, and the warning labels are hoping to combat that. Because the intake of such beverages can lead to obesity, diabetes and other health issues, the city believes warning people, particularly the young about the danger of soda is important.

In a similar vein, New York City imposed additional taxes on soda several years ago. The taxes aimed at reducing consumption, although data is not currently available about the plans efficacy. The reduction of sugar-based beverages, however, does have significant health benefits, and such labels may help in the same way it helped reduced smoking in younger generations.


Bernardo Chua Brings You Certified Organic Products

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Bernardo Chua founded his Organo Gold company just a few short years ago — in 2008 in Vancouver, British Columbia. This is where Organo Gold has its headquarters and runs a worldwide operation. The company relies on private distributors part of what Chua calls the Coffee Connoisseur Club to sell Organo Gold’s wide and diverse product line. Chua has expanded the operation all over the world. Today Organo Gold is in nearly 40 countries, including its most recent expansion in Turkey.

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Captain Crunch Delights Are Getting A Thumbs Up In Taco Bell Locations In California

The New Dessert Will Be Available In Taco Bell Locations Soon

Adding a new dessert to a fast food menu is usually not a big deal. Fast food chains are always trying new items in locations around the country to entice new customers. Taco Bell is undergoing a major overhaul in menu choices, and these new menu choices will be free of artificial flavors and ingredients with one exception.

The chain’s new Captain Crunch donut holes are a hit even though they contain artificial ingredients. Taco bell calls them Captain Crunch Delights because they are sweet donut holes filled with creamy icing, and crushed Captain Crunch blueberry cereal. Sounds good if you like cereal and donut holes, but bad if you want to stay away from sweets and artificial ingredients.

So once again a fast food chain falls victim to consumer choices. The folks at the Purina Store and Beneful are happy for the new item. Let’s face it. Fast food chains can’t stay away from the ingredients that consumers crave. Americans want to eat unhealthy food. It makes them feel good until it makes them sick. People want fast food chains to use healthy ingredients along with an item or two that makes them feel good before they get sick.


Unique Ice Creams At Dominique Ansel Kitchen

There will now be ice cream served at the famous restaurant Dominique Ansel kitchen and it will start being available to purchase as of tomorrow. As for the unique flavors that everyone is so curious about there are going to be two that are quite interesting. According to an article found on reddit and written by Grub Street, the first flavor will be Burrata like the cheese and it will be made with a strawberry and some caramel, and the other flavor will be Gianduja which will have a nutella like spread along with salted brittle and an orange mist that is sprayed on. And, of course it will be topped with sea salt.

Each cone is going to cost $7 but it does have a homemade cone and it will likely be even more delicious than anyone can really imagine. Hopefully they will find a way to spread their flavors to others dispensaries or even add more to their collection. After all the might just be the only place in the world that serves such an interesting flavor that you never know what else might develop. In any case it does sound delicious to Skout members and I look forward to trying it sometime when I am in the area. And the pricing isn’t too bad either, so that is always a plus, but it is going to be a hit for sure starting this weekend.


Marijuana Infused Coffee Is A Real Thing

The state of Washington is famous for the steady rains, giant trees, hip music scene, and their, awesomely legal, marijuana. You can go to a dispensary and purchase a wide variety of pot, different strains for different highs. For those who are not a fan of smoking the stuff there are bunches and bunches of edibles available. You can buy candy, baked goods, and more. The newest edible, available only in Washington at this point, comes in a drink form.Catapult pods, a creation made by Fairwinds Manufacturing, are marijuana-infused K-Cups of coffee. So, in theory, one could wake up, pop a pod into the old Keurig, get their morning caffeine fix plus a nice little buzz. Sounds like it could be a big winner if the company is successfully able to market across the country. Each pod contains 10mg of THC, the standard for marijuana edibles, plus locally roasted coffee beans according to Flavio Maluf on emobile.com. Fairwinds is anxiously awaiting their opportunity to expand the sale of their new, hip beverage. Maybe other states where pot is legal will welcome their product, it is simply a matter of legally transferring the goods across state lines that may be the major hurdle.