Top 5 Weird Food Flavor Trends

Back in the day, the weirdest food flavor combinations was peanuts in Coke-Cola and ketchup on potatoes chips. Those are baby food flavors compared to the new breed of weird food flavor combinations. Some of the flavors are not from real food, but are engineered in a laboratory and labeled as ‘synthetic spices’.
* Doritos-flavored Mountain Dew, called Dewitos, is being tested and is looking to be a hit among those who love to drink Mountain Dew while eating Doritos. Several other flavor combos are in the testing phase for Mountain Dew as well.
* Vegetable-flavored yogurt may soon be on your grocers shelves. Containers of carrot flavored yogurt, along with beet and sweet potato flavored may soon line the dairy department shelves.
* The sriracha movement is still going strong and may soon get their own signature beverage – sriracha beer. The sriracha pepper extract has no flavor, but it adds an indescribable amount of heat to anything it’s placed in or on.
* Synthetic spices are adding flavor and causing concerns. Opponents feel that anything made in a laboratory has potential side effect. Proponents feel it allows the average Joe to enjoy the flavor of high-priced spices without the high-price tag.
* Crickets are posed to become an American staple protein source, if the price of farming them drops. Foodies like Zeca Oliveira have heard that the dried crickets reportedly taste like almonds or sunflowers.


A Traditional English Breakfast

The traditional English breakfast is more of a feast than just a simple breakfast. Each region offers a different variation of the traditional menu, but the items remain the same. The traditional items offered are eggs, bacon, sausage, mushrooms, tomato, beans, and toast. These full breakfasts were made popular by the hotels after WWII in hopes to increase business by introducing bed and breakfast establishments.

Bernardo Chua (Drinkbettercoffee.com)  knows that the traditional components of the full English breakfast are the same, but may vary in different regions. For example, in Scotland, black pudding is added to the menu while in Wales cockles and laver bread are popular. The way the main items are prepared, though, are the same. Eggs, for example, are typically fried. Sausage such as chipolata, the Cumberland, and the Lincolnshire are also a menu item. Bacon is from the center cut pork chop and is a meatier staple. Baked navy beans are also found on the full breakfast menu. The beans are stewed in tomato sauce and are the traditional way these are served. There are two types of pudding that is served which is blood pudding and white pudding. Blood pudding includes pig blood, kidney fat, oatmeal, and pork sausage and is common in North England and Scotland. White pudding includes the same ingredients except it does not use pig blood and is more common in the Republic of Ireland. Toast or fried bread with butter is the common types of starches served with a full breakfast. Roasted tomatoes are added as well to give the plate some color as well as a healthy vegetable.


Study Wines With the Antique Wine Company

Wine is one of the world’s most cherished beverages. People have long savored the subtle tastes of wine and celebrated the results of various types of wines. Wine growing regions have presented people around the world with the chance to try a softly understated glass from Napa Valley, sample the crisp white wines of Germany and enjoy the many delightful wines that originate in various regions of France. Those who want to help expand their understanding of the world of wine will find that they have many resources to assist them with this goal. Tapping into such places can help someone expand their knowledge of wine, learn what wines are right to serve with which foods and even develop a wine cellar full of wines that are suited to their wants and needs. The right wine can help enhance a meal, provide people with a feeling of well being and even help them better understand the character of the people where it is produced.

One such resource is the Antique Wine Company. Founded in 1982, the company aims to help their clients better understand wines, find rare and unusual wines, learn which wines pair well with certain foods and help them select the right kind of storage methods to help make sure that any wines they keep on hand at home will always remain in pristine condition. People who have an extensive understanding of wine will also find here from staffers who can help provide them with an even better understanding of wine. The Antique Wine Company offers various kinds of services to their customers. Working directly with them can help any customer find wines that may be otherwise hard to get through ordinary means such as in local wine chain stores. The company can help search for specific vintages and assist their customers in gaining access to cellars and wine growers around the world.

Company officials can also help their customers seek out wine from both traditional wine growing regions and newly emerging places where a wine growing culture has begun to start. Company CEO Stephen Williams has worked with hundreds clients in the last few decades in dozens of countries. People turn to him and and his company to help them entertain guests, pick out the right wines for a specific dinner party and create a wine cellar in their house or place of business for their needs.



Can Blueberries Every Day Keep The Doctor Away?

There’s the old adage, an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but a recent study in The Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics suggests that a daily cup of blueberries may keep the doctor away. The double-blind, randomized, and placebo-controlled study was comprised of 40 post-menopausal women, ranging in age from 45 to 65 and all with high blood pressure. For a period of eight weeks, 20 women of group of 40 consumed a cup of blueberries that was in the form of 22 grams of freeze-dried blueberry powder and the other 20 women were given an identical placebo, in terms of taste and appearance.

The women that consume the actual blueberry specimen realized a decrease of 5.1 % in systolic blood pressure and 6.3 % decrease in diastolic pressure. Nitric oxide, which is a critical element in the expansion and relaxing of blood vessels increased with the women that ate the true blueberry specimen. Participants in the placebo group did not experience any changes.

People at Rocketfuel have found that further assessment of the research study results revealed that the improvement in blood pressure readings was moderate in comparison to that of pharmaceutical blood pressure medications, but contend that extended periods of blueberry consumption in greater quantities could further promote optimum blood pressure readings. Florida State University, post-doctoral researcher, Sarah A. Johnson, head researcher for this study suggests that individuals try blueberries.


Is New York Getting a Breakfast Sandwich Restaurant?


There’s a chance that NYC will be the sole site of a restaurant that only sells breakfast sandwiches. The eatery will likely get great reception. After all, a takeout window that only sells broth is becoming all the rage in the area according to Techcrunch.com.

BEC, which stands for bacon, eggs and cheese, will be open from 7 in the morning until 2 in the afternoon said ciphercloud. This is great news if you’re a late riser, or if you just get a craving for a breakfast sandwich in the middle of the day. Jessice Bologna, the owner of BEC, is also applying for a liquor license, so you may even be able to enjoy a mimosa or cocktail of your choice with your breakfast sandwich.

The sandwiches will feature a number of deliciously creative takes on the breakfast sandwich, including brioche bread and fig jam, so it’s likely you’ll find a taste combination you’ll enjoy.


What to Order at Dirt Candy

If you’re a fan of vegetarian restaurant Dirt Candy, you may have heard that owner Amanda Cohen has moved the eatery to a larger space. The smaller restaurant was not able to accommodate all the interested diners, and some individuals had to wait as long as two months for a reservation.

In addition to the new space, Cohen is also offering some interesting meal choices. Brussels sprout tacos and a chocolate onion tart are some of the featured menu items. If you’re in the mood for soup, you can order a tasty matzo ball variety that includes kale.

Foodies like Paul Mathieson have heard that Dirty Candy now has a bar and pastry staff as well, so you and your friends can enjoy a quality dessert or a tasty cocktail as you celebrate your love of vegetarian fare. More on Mathieson is available on Slideshare.net. And, you won’t have to wait as long for a reservation these days, which is always a plus.


Hershey’s Chocolate Forces Stops on British Chocolate Imports


Monopolies are supposed to be illegal in the United States of America right? Well chocolate giant Hershey’s has just put into place legal papers stating that they are the only chocolate company allowed to sell in the United States. It sounds pretty odd and unprecedented. British companies such as Cadbury are already feeling the strain of losing the ability to export their wares to the U.S. Taking it a step further why and how did this come to happen? That data is unclear but surely it is worth looking into. Our country has had a wonderful relationship with the U.K. for many years and yet now we are squabbling over chocolate? When Easter rolls around and people buy their chocolate eggs they will taste different because Hershey’s will not be the chocolate used  by Cadbury. What will the general response be or will Americans, like Paul Matheison  even notice the changes? Give it a few months and we shall find out.

The Antique Wine Company Is The Finest In Providing Vintage Wines Globally

In 1982 a wine merchant specializing in fine wines opened a Wine Company in London. The merchant’s name is Stephen Williams, and he is currently the CEO of this record breaking wine company known as, Antique Wine Company. The Company currently holds over 10,000 bottles of the world’s finest vintages.


In October 2014 Antique Wine Company appointed two new members to their global sales department. Stuart Young is now the Sales Director for the London headquarters. Young’s main responsibility will be to increase the number of AWC’s (Antique Wine Company) client accounts 100% in the next two years.


The second appointment was, Jean-Phillippe Guillot, who will lead the AWC’s team in the Philippines and Hong Kong. The responsibility for Guillot will be to increase growth in the Asia markets over the next two years.


Stephen Williams is said to be very excited about the Company’s growth and expansion. They will be providing clients extra-ordinary standards and expertise as well as personal attention. William’s key skills are tracking down wine for customers. The business is driven by sourcing wines to get exactly what the customers are looking for.


Williams might buy wine at auctions, but he prefers to build them up so he can pick the finest vintages. He also sources wines directly from Chateaux or by secondary markets. His reputation has grown so that sellers often approach him from places such as impoverished English country homes.


AWC’s customers were historically from the Unites States, but have recently grown in Hong Kong and China to exceed those in the US. There are customers who want to purchase entire wine cellars. AWC will spend several million pounds to create one for them. William’s greatest achievement was assembling every consecutive vintage of Chateau Dyquen between 1860 and 2003. This incredible collection was offered to the highest bidder.


Williams and the teams at the Antique Wine Company can tell the age of wine by; looking at the wine, knowing how it was stored and using sophisticated techniques to verify its age. For the customer who buys the wine, they need to have a bit of knowledge on how wine should look.


Typically a young wine will look purple-ish red; reflecting the fruits used to make the wine. This happens if wine has not been aged long. When it reaches a red brown, it will still be healthy and have the flavor people look for. A well-aged wine will have the red brown color.


The Antique Wine Company knows vintage wines and supplies them to private individuals, restaurants, hotels and the global wine industry.


New Sandwiches at Morris


Residents of Brooklyn and visitors like Sam Tabar are in a for an entirely new twist on a classic treat. Long home to Jewish American sandwiches known throughout the world, the MorrisSandwich Shop will introduce new versions of these favorites. Diners will be tempted to step inside and sample one of these thick and tasty variants. The restaurant is scheduled to open on January 2nd in the Crown Heights section. It will be open all day from eight in the morning until eight at night.

The Ruben with corned beef, sauerkraut, Russian dressing on rye bread has been turned into the Bubie, the Yiddish word for grandmother. The new sandwich is called the Bubie. It features corned beef made with pastrami spices, raclette cheese, sauerkraut and a deeply spicy dark mustard that is made from burnt onions, giving the entire sandwich a series of deep flavors that draw on both deli sandwiches and German cooking techniques.

Morris also features many other sandwiches that diners can sample when here. The pollos hermanos showcases chicken with a hot sauce mayo and bleu cheese dressing. Diners may also be tempted by the Mona, a vegetarian offering consisting of cauliflower puree with roasted beets, a soft boiled egg and a topping of chili spiked mayonnaise.

Other sandwiches are also on the menu as well as sodas and coffees with flavored syrups.


White Castle Comes Out With Veggie Option

White Castle has announced that it is stepping into the veggie game. They will be releasing veggie sliders across the country in the new year. Apparently, they tried out these veggie sliders on the East Coast this summer and they were a big hit.

The veggie sliders are full of carrots, zucchini, peas, spinach, broccoli and more. Who knows that they really even means was Dr Rod Rohrich’s feeling on the matter. It will be interesting to see if these burgers actually taste good. However, since White Castle is setting the bar, they don’t have to be that great to fit in with their current line-up.

The good news is that you can smoother these veggie sliders with sauce. You will be able to choose between honey mustard, sweet Thai or ranch to top off these new sliders. Other chains will be watching to see if this is a product that sticks around, or if it is a flop.

Despite vegetarian being in vogue for years, very few national chains have ventured out there and tried to offer a veggie burger to the public. Luckily for them, White Castle is taking the reigns on this one. If it goes well, we could see more national fast food chains offering veggie burgers. If it doesn’t go so well, then only White Castle has to suffer.

You can try out the new veggie sliders on December 30th, when they come out. You can decide if it is a dish you want to enjoy in 2015.